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Chapter Fifty-Nine: Gotterdamerung

More than half-way down the cliff below the layer of smoke that was being produced by the river of red-hot lava clung a forty-meter figure that was barely hanging onto whatever it could in order to avoid falling into the furnace below. Erin and Patrick groaned together, each straining with all of their mental energy to keep their damaged EVA from losing its grip and plunging down the rest of the cliff. Alarm klaxons went off in their entry plug as the video monitors around them flashed warnings: UNIT 04 SUFFERING MAJOR DAMAGE. EXTERIOR HEAT REACHING THRESHOLD.

With a loud scream Erin pulled back on the actuators and managed to lift the EVA by its hands up to a small jetty on the side of the cliff just wide enough to stand on. Patrick pulled together with her, closing his eyes and putting as much as he could into the effort. Within another half a minute they had the EVA carefully balanced on the jetty. Each of them did nothing but catch their breath from the effort, both of their foreheads drenched with sweat from their own efforts and from the intensive heat around them.

"Patrick…," Erin panted, "the next time…you pull something like that…please tell me first!"

"Sorry," Patrick excused himself, "it sort of came to me...all at once." The boy took a while recovering his breath, it seemed to him that he was now somehow much more tired than before. He looked at the video displays and tried to get some idea of where they were and what shape they were in. "How bad off are we?"

"I guess the good news is that we're alive," Erin responded, "but your girlfriend punched three holes in us up there. Between that and the outside heat the EVA's not in good shape at all."

"S2 will regenerate that," Patrick told her over her shoulder.

"Well right now we're in no shape for fighting," she replied as she changed their EVA's vision filters to better see through the dense smoke being created by the lava river below them. "Where is that place that Uncle was talking about?" After making a few adjustments the video display was able to cut through the smoke and get a better view of their surroundings from the EVA's sensors.

With the cloud cover digitally swept away Erin could see the river of lava below them, glowing bright red as it moved alongside of the cliff they were perched on so precariously. She followed the river and saw where it narrowed beside one land bridge made up of rock, which then led to something that didn't at all look natural.

"What the hell is that?" she said aloud as she saw the stone and steel structure that was poised at the end of the land bridge. It appeared as a ring of stone towers, thirteen in all and each about seven to eight meters in height, the ring was surrounded by a pair of concentric steel rims that kept the stones from being damaged by the splash over from the lava flow. In the middle of the circle was an obelisk of about twenty meters tall. The entire structure was done in an oddly Gothic style, with gargoyles and other macabre carvings all over the stones.

"Looks like the Chairman hired Satan's architect," quipped Patrick.

"That's got to be it," Erin said. "Where else would go if you wanted to end the world?"

Patrick saw the jagged cliffside that they were currently perched on and judged the way between where they were and where they needed to be. With the display telling them that the stone circle at the bridge was about six hundred meters away from them, he knew that with the sheer cliffside and molten lava below it would be a precarious journey to get there. "Do you think we can get from here to there?" he asked Erin, who was studying the route carefully.

"I got this," she said, feeling come confidence finally come back to her now having been back in the EVA. "Let me concentrate on piloting this stretch, okay? Help me keep an eye out and I'll get us there in one piece."

"Right," Patrick replied to her. Erin then started maneuvering the EVA, grasping the actuators and readying herself for her first move while Patrick carefully scanned the display looking for anything that might be a threat or an obstacle.

"Okay," Erin called out. "First jump, to the left side." Then she said under her breath. "All those gymnastics classes are about to pay off. Ready?"

"Ready!" Patrick said from behind her.

"And...GO!" With a sudden jerk she pushed the EVA off the jetty and sent it flying twenty meters along the cliff side to another indention in the rock wall. The EVA almost didn't make it, and Erin had to scramble to get both the EVA's hand and feet holding onto something solid as it landed. The twins looked below them and saw small rocks falling below them and splashing into the lava.

"That was close," remarked Patrick.

"We're just getting started." Erin scanned carefully, looking for another place to land the EVA on the next jump. "Again to the left, about thirty meters and down. Ready?"


Erin made the second jump and pushed the EVA off the small embankment and alongside the cliff to the next divot she could see. This one was larger than the first and the EVA landed smoothly this time, although with not much space to spare. "Good. Distance to target?"

"Five hundred fifty meters!"

"We'll need another ten or eleven jumps like that and we're golden. Ready for another one?"

Patrick was about to reply "yes" when he started to feel an odd itching all over his face. Oh, shit, Not now, oh please God not now...

"Okay to go?" Erin asked again.

"Go! Go, go!" Patrick said quickly, trying to force his mind to focus on the mission at hand. Erin didn't see him, as her eyes were fixed on the plugs video display. The EVA made another boost up in the air and then landed again on another jetty. "Great!" Erin said in elation. "Let's keep this up!"

At the far end of the cavern in what was the darkest corner of the underground cavity was the Spear of Longinus. It had plunged into the volcanic rock wall and was buried more than two-thirds of its length inside. After running and searching for the spear Rei finally located it, using the floodlights on 

Unit 07 to illuminate the giant weapon that was sunk into the chamber wall.

Pushing her unit forward, Rei took the spear with both hands and then pulled with all of her emotional strength, using both of the EVA's feet to push off against the rock wall of the cavern. The Spear responded by quivering slightly, moving itself to dig further into the rock.

"It's in...too tight..." Rei groaned under her breath as she strained to pull out the Spear.

"Keep trying," Adam encouraged her. She cried out as she pulled back on the actuators as hard as she could, but the spear moved just a little.

"This will take time to dislodge," she told Adam.

"Only you can do it," was his reply.

Rei calmed herself down and concentrated on the obstacle in front of her. Everything has a song. Even the Spear of Longinus has a song. I must learn that song and how to be a part of it. She felt the sounds in the entry plug go quiet and stared at the spear in front of her, letting her eyes, her ears, and her other senses take in what was around her and in front of her. After a very long moment, she realized what it would actually take to loosen it.

To get hold of the spear I myself must become one with it. Knowing that it is me here, now, that is what it wants, to join with me. It will not come out of the wall unless I do this. I must give up myself to become part of it. That is what I am afraid of. Now Rei knew what it would really take to not only regain and control the Spear, but what the price of victory would really require from her.

"I cannot do this on my own," she told Adam. The boy nodded and smiled slightly."Then we must join together fully this time. You and I, and the EVA itself." Rei said nothing in reply but nodded, her face appeared stoic but betraying noting of the raging emotions inside of her. tried to help us but I chose wrongly and did not understand until it was too we both will suffer for my mistake.

I thought I could just be Rei, but that destiny is not my own anymore. It never was.

I'm sorry...we couldn't be in the end what we wanted for each other. You never really knew how much I wanted I wanted to be one with you...

Goodbye, Forri. You have ended and now I will too. But this world and those who live in it will go on in peace. That will be my gift to you, if you somehow live through this.

Rei looked at Adam, her red eyes glowing. "Then let us join together."

Shinji found himself an unwilling spectator in Asuka's duel with the dark EVA, as he stood there inside of Unit 01 and watched while Asuka raced around the blue Unit 06's attempts to attack her.

"Asuka!" he called out to her again. "Let me help at least!" She didn't appear on his video screen but her voice came over the audio. "No, baka. You'll just get in the way!" She said this as Unit 06 again thrashed his glowing blue tentacles towards her while she bounded off the rock wall behind him and made another parry with her blades.

Unit 02 swiped her katana in several thrusts but none of them landed on target, as Unit 06 quickly projected it's AT field in front of it to defeat the attacks. Before the blue tentacle could lash out to her she raced behind the blue EVA, managing to get a slash into its ankles before dodging the blue light again.

"Aaaghh!" the Angel boy called in actual pain. "You touched me! That won't happen again!" Asuka didn't reply but kept her mind on her battle, sweeping around him and keeping her EVA moving as randomly as she could to avoid getting attacked. This idiot is powerful but inexperienced, she analyzed. Too single-minded for his own good. She looked for the right opportunity to get Shinji into the battle, considering that she was doing a pretty good job of distracting Unit 06 from Shinji's nearby EVA-01.

Again the blue EVA made a slashing attack with the blue tentacles and again EVA-02 dodged it, thrusting herself up in the air and flipping around, landing on her feet behind Unit 06. "Missed me again!" The Angel boy roared at her in irritation. "None of this will stop you from being killed!" he told her. "You'll eventually get tired, whereas I won't."

"Won't matter," she spouted out as she launched another quick strike before pushing away from the tentacle attack that followed. "You'll be dead Angel meat by then, loser."

As he watched Shinji thought to himself to not wait any longer, regardless of whatever Asuka was asking him to do or not do. He himself couldn't stand Asuka trying to yet again make another solo stand against another enemy that could just as easily kill her with one lucky stroke. Yet he knew Asuka well enough by now and knew that she was up to more that what she had told him. His hunch was to get ready for action and as he began to ready himself to jump into the fray when a private message on his video screen suddenly popped out in front.

"You ready?" Asuka whispered to Shinji as she continued. "I'm setting him up for you, let him chase me and then jump him when I bring him your way!"

Shinji nodded, now realizing what Asuka's true plan for defeating the enemy EVA was. "Got it!" Asuka said nothing in return but closed the screen right afterward.

Following the video message Asuka again got behind Unit 06 as it continued to thrash its energy wave at the space Unit 02 was in previously. From her vantage point Asuka saw a weakness and rapidly drew her katana towards the back of the knees of the Blue EVA. The Angel boy again bellowed in pain as this time she drew blood, red LCL oozing out from underneath the blue skin of the EVA.

Sensing what the enemy would do next, Asuka darted out from behind him as Unit 06 once again lashed out with its blue energy tentacle. She then momentarily stood in front of Unit 06, just enough to make sure she had his full attention.

"You…you cut me!" the Angel boy said to her in a rage.
"Come and get me then," Asuka said snidely and then raced away from him, running Unit 02 towards where Shinji and Unit 01 were standing at the ready.

Asuka pushed Unit 02 as fast as she would run, careening just within fifty meters of EVA-01. She looked behind her and saw the enemy EVA start to move towards her. She allowed herself a smile, knowing that they almost had this won.

The Angel boy, sweaty and angry, pushed his own actuators forward as he moved Unit 06 in pursuit of the red EVA. His eyes were focused on his own video display, which tracked his opponent just above his targeting cross-hairs. As he pursued Unit 02 he saw at the edge of the display the purple-colored Unit 01 and made a realization. She's leading me on towards her waiting partner. There's an easier way of doing this.

Suddenly he stopped his EVA, releasing his grip on the actuators and concentrating his thoughts. Within a second a giant energy bubble formed around Unit 06 and then the bubble and the EVA inside of it disappeared.

Shinji noticed what Unit 06 was doing and shouted towards the redhead. "Asuka! Watch out! He's teleporting!" Upon hearing the warning, Asuka immediately braked herself in mid-stride and slid to a stop. A half-second later, the energy bubble from Unit 06 came right in front of her and in between her and Shinji's EVA.

Damnit. Knowing that she was already too close to the enemy to bound away again, Asuka pulled up her katana and charged Unit 06 as fast as she could, the point of her sword aimed straight at the EVA's neck and making a battle cry as she did so. Shinji also sprinted towards the blue EVA, rushing to close the distance and grab the unit from behind.

The enemy EVA produced another bubble, but this time as an energy field. As Unit 01 contacted the circular field she hit hard, bounced and landed on her rear. Inside of the field Asuka was within ten meters of Unit 06 when the blue energy transformed back to a tentacle again. What happened next took only a couple of seconds.

Shinji struggled to get EVA-01 back onto her feet when he saw the tentacle swing right into EVA-02. "Asuka!" he shouted in warning. "Asuka! ASUKA!"

The blue energy cleanly sliced off EVA-02's left arm and its left leg below the knee, and then just as her katana got within a meter of Unit 06's neck the tentacle snapped back and swung again, this time taking off Unit 02's head. LCL sprayed out of all of the new openings in its body, gushing onto the nearby Unit 06 as the rest of the unit collapsed and fell to the ground at his feet, the katana dropping from her hands and clanging on the rock floor below.

"ASUKA!" screamed Shinji as he pushed EVA-01 again towards the blue EVA, only to be stopped again by the force field which had re-appeared in place of the tentacle.

"See," the boy told him. "Nothing, nothing and no one can prevail over me." Shinji looked at the horror in front of him, the formerly blue-colored Unit 06 now splattered in red LCL. Lying on the cave floor next to the unit was the battered and chopped remains of EVA-02, still leaking out fluids from the decapitated neck. She was not moving.

"Asuka?!" Shinji shouted in a panic as he tried to open a communications channel to EVA-02. "Asuka?! Answer me!" He pounded the buttons on his actuator to try to get a link to Asuka but there was no activity on the other end. The audio channel was silent. Inside of him Shinji felt something in his heart die as he trembled all over with emotion.


As she continued to carefully make her way along the steep cliff walls Erin could better see the circle of stones at the end of the rock bridge. Closer in she saw that there was also plexiglass mounted around the steel rails that surrounded it, and that there was also something that looked like a pathway on the rock bridge that led up to the structure.

"Got one more leap to go!" she told Patrick over her shoulder. "Just need to find a safe landing spot."

Patrick searched the video display, looking for something that they could smoothly land on that would still be close to the cliff. "There," he pointed out, "about sixty meters down."

Erin took a deep breath, as this was the longest of all of the bounds. Mess it up, she knew, and they'd end up in the lava, and they'd had a couple of close calls already, "Alright, one more time. Ready?"

"Ready," came Patrick's voice again from behind.

"Go!" Erin launched Unit 04 in the air again, trying to land on top of the target spot. They nearly made it but instead hit the canyon call just next to the smooth patch at the bottom.

"Damn!" she shouted as she quickly moved the EVA's arms to grasp onto the canyon wall and get a hold before they slid down into the lava river. The silver-white unit slid down about thirty meters before she found a level patch of floor that she could boost into again. Erin quickly pushed off the EVA and landed into the rocky patch on her knees, steadying their controlled bound with her hands. She wiped sweat off of her brow, knowing it was a close call. "And dismount! Finally made it!" she exclaimed.

"Good job!" Patrick praised.  Erin gave herself a smile. "Not exactly gold-medal material but it'll do."

Patrick's attention shifted to the structure now close to them, something that he mentally noted looked like an "Evil Stonehenge." "Can you see inside there?" he asked Erin. Erin promptly activated the magnification on the EVA's vision and tried to peer inside. As she did so, the twins both noticed that there were in fact two people inside the structure, one of which was in a wheelchair.

"That's the chairman! He's here!" said Erin.

"Do you see uncle?"

She looked carefully, trying to spot him. "No, there's just that guy that pushes the Chairman around. Should we wait for him to show up?"

The boy was uncertain as to what exactly they'd do next, now that they had reached the target. "No, we wait for uncle to show up first. I'm pretty sure that's going to be necessary for what he had in mind. Can you hide us?"

Erin analyzed her surroundings. "There's still a lot of smoke here, I think I can put us closer to the canyon wall and we just try to blend in a little." She then moved Unit 04 a few meters back towards the steep walls of the canyon and then remained stationary, using the smoke generated by the heat of the lava to obscure them as they watched inside of the stone circle and waited for something to happen.

Piotr finished moving the Chairman through the entryway of the stone temple and then pushed him towards the center of the circle. Once they reached the center Piotr saw the object in the middle: a sixty-foot tall stone needle that pointed up to the cavern roof and the pinnacle of the mountain. The stone object looked quite old, covered in runes, inscriptions, and carvings of ugly creatures all over its surface. At eye level was a stone statue about three meters high of a figure that looked vaguely human but with horns and long fingernails, its face twisted in a grotesque laugh.

Chairman Kiel looked at the object in front of him. "Piotr, this is the end," he said to his manservant behind him. "Leave me now."

"But chairman," warned Piotr, "the environment here is hostile and your chair's wheels are now damaged. You will be unable to move further!"

"Even now I have power far beyond what this chair can provide," said the old man. "Now, go, I say!"

Piotr stood there and looked at the Chairman. With his right hand he fingered the pistol inside of his jacket pocket. While he didn't know exactly why Kiel wanted to be brought to his particular place, with a name like Gotterdamerung, meaning Ending of the Gods, the purpose was clear enough.

His back is turned to me now and he's all alone, without any other guards. If there's any right time to do this, it's now. Quietly Pitor took the small pistol from his pocket and aimed it at the chairman's head. Earlier he had already slid a round into the chamber. All it now required was one pull of the trigger. Even at this moment, however, Pitor hesitated.

As much as I know he is evil I am still shooting a man in the back, he told himself. Am I really no better than he is?

"Well, Pitor?" said the Chairman to the man standing behind him. "Why are you not going?" Piotr said nothing but waited in silence. Kiel noticed that something was wrong and stood up from the chair with what little strength he had in his own legs and then slowly turned around.

Upon seeing his servant of forty years holding a pistol to him from ten feet away the Chairman was calm, and stared directly at him through his vision enhancers. "So you finally found your courage after all these years, didn't you?" Kiel asked him. "To think you served me for so long only to come to this end."

"I never served you!" declared Pitor, now showing emotions held deep within. "I served one much higher, one much more worthy of it!"

"Ah, yes. The creed of the religious fanatic. Twisting yourself into blind belief," chided Kiel. "You know nothing of the real Jehovah and what this is all really about."

"You make a mockery of Jehovah," Pitor accused. "Everything you do is a blasphemy. Man was never intended to become a god on his own, but to live in the garden of Earth in peace and humility."

"Humility, ha!" countered the old man. "Man is noble, and does not live in the dirt. Our inheritance is to become as gods ourselves, but..." he mused "it seems that the likes of you have now prevented us from accomplishing that for good, with their continued interference with our efforts."

"You've murdered billions for your despicable efforts!"

"And you did nothing but stand at my side through all of that, " said Kiel to Piotr. "If what I did was so evil, why didn't you kill me earlier to prevent that from happening? Surely if I'm guilty of such crimes you are too by your inaction. Or, simple Pitor, is that too complex of a concept for your little mind?"

Piotr's face shook with anger. "I'll see you dead if it's the last thing I do!"

Kiel opened his arms wide. "Then by all means, shoot me! I am defenseless before you now. Or is shooting a crippled old man your path to your own righteousness?"

"Go to hell!" shouted Pitor as he pulled the trigger of the pistol. A shot fired out and a fraction of a second later several red-glowing hexagonal patters formed around Kiel. The bullet bounced off, ricocheting against one of the stone columns.

Piotr's eyes went wide with shock. He had been around such things to know what had happened. "An...AT-Field!" he realized. "What are you?!"

"Merely a lost creature who doesn't belong on this Earth, and who wants to come home," was Kiel's reply. Piotr fired another shot from the pistol and it too bounced against the AT-Field that surrounded the Chairman. He pulled the trigger again but the pistol clicked empty. Piotr had only loaded two bullets, thinking it would only take one to accomplish his final mission.

Kiel gave him a slight smile. "Sad, simple Piotr," he said to his servant. "You served me for so long in suffered silence, only to become just one more obstacle that I will overcome." Without saying anything else a steel rod shot out from the wheelchair and struck Pitor directly in the chest. The man dropped the pistol onto the floor and stumbled to his knees as the steel rod retracted back into the chair.

"You..." he said with shortness of breath, his whole body shaking from the trauma, "you are damned to burn in fire!"

"If I am damned then all of humanity is as well," was the chairman's reply, looking towards the obelisk in the middle of the temple. "In the end for you it's all for nothing, isn't it?" Piotr struggled but couldn't say anything further, but collapsed fully onto the stony ground below.

Looking over Pitor's body for just a moment, the Chairman again turned his attention to the obelisk in the middle. Struggling to walk over to just in front of it, he waived his hand and a small door opened at the base of the statue that was in front. Inside was a black sphere that glowed red from inside.

"The here," the Chairman said to himself.

The entire exchange between Kiel and Pitor was watched by the twins through the video of their entry plug, Erin gasping as she saw Pitor murdered by Kiel's weapon.

"That field around him..." said Patrick

"An AT field!" Erin finished for him. "That explains why uncle would need the EVA to kill the chairman!"

"Look, someone else is coming!" From the display the two of them could see another man who now emerged from the shadows of one of the stone pillars, someone who both of them now knew quite well.

As Piotr lay dying on the temple floor the man knelt next to him and saw him with dark eyes. "I'm...I'm sorry..." Pitor struggled to say under his breath as he felt life leaving him. "I...failed you."

"You did not fail me at all, my old friend," said the other whisper. "Please go in peace." Piotr could not say more and instead gurgled up blood. Within a few seconds more he stopped moving, his eyes still open. The other man gently closed his eyes and let his friend obtain his much needed rest.

Standing up, the man looked towards the chairman who now held the black orb in his hands. For a moment Kiel didn't notice who was behind him, but then turned around slowly. Standing in front of him was the man known to many as Omega, and to a few as Victor Rickover.

Kiel closed his eyes and blew out his breath in frustration. "Now who must I face at this critical moment?"

Omega took a couple of steps towards him. "Don't you remember me, Grandfather?"

"Only my children call me that."

"Yes," Omega nodded. "And all of them died, didn't they? Scarified by you on the altar to Marduk."

Kiel struggled to recognize who he was speaking to as the man went on. "Surprising, Grandfather, that in your meticulous attention to details that you might have actually missed someone or something important." The Chairman racked his brain for something missed long ago, something that might have been overlooked. Something did indeed come to him a moment later.

"I see," said Kiel, now with utter seriousness as he looked upon Pitor's dead body on the temple floor. "The Romanian Twins. That explains poor Piotr's involvement in all of this. You were supposed to have died in a fire," recalled the chairman. "A fire that Piotr barely survived himself."

"It was his bravery that allowed us to escape," Omega told him. "And allowed us to find the truth about what you were doing."

"And to what end?" Kiel said. "Another attempt to get revenge? Do you have any idea how many I've crushed in your place?"

Omega continued to approach the old man slowly. "I never wanted revenge," he replied to him. "But I knew what you were, and thanks to him, I knew how to stop you."

"You seem a bit late for that now, I'm afraid."

"What's that in your hands?" asked Omega, glancing at the black sphere that Kiel was holding. "You can't win so you would see the world end after all?"

"A fool once was in my employ who thought mankind didn't deserve heaven, he was stupid enough to try and interfere with us using EVA to end the world in favor of the Angels, not to transform it in favor of mankind. What I offered humanity was a way out," declared Kiel. "A way that we could loosen our mortality and become one, reaching everlasting life in doing so."

"Yes, but," Omega added, "with someone like you pulling the strings."

The chairman shrugged. "Someone has to."

"That was the Big Lie, wasn't it?" Omega told him. "Everyone would be gathered together into one big content ball of souls and then all pain would just go away. Yet somehow you uniquely could benefit from this. You would expend humanity in exchange for being able to make yourself a fully realized god. All of those men in SEELE thinking that they'd go right along with you, and be the ones to control heaven and earth, to have that kind of power. But you weren't the same as the rest of us, were you?"

"As I was saying," Kiel went on, "perhaps that fool of a man was right after all. Humanity simply doesn't have it in them to go further. And this," Kiel looked at the sphere in his hands, "this is sort of a scuttling charge for the ship of humanity, something left here by the Ancients in case things didn't quite work out. "

"So if you can't play then you'll take your ball and quit the game," quipped Omega.

"It would seem so."

Omega had walked closer to the Chairman during the exchange now being only a few feet away from the man. "If you're going to do it, don't hide like a coward. Let's at least see who you really are."

Kiel paused in thought for a moment. "Very well," he told Omega, and then he slowly removed the vision enhancer from his face. Omega could now see the chairman's eyes, which were glowing bright red, the same shade of red as the Angel Boy's eyes, and what he knew of the First and Fifth Children.

"You're not really human, are you?" said Omega.

"Everyone thinks Evangelion is a matter of technology," replied the Chairman. "They don't realize it's all about matters of the spirit, and once eons ago humans could master such matters, using arts long lost to make such as creature as me from parts human and angel."

"There's an angel soul inside of you too, isn't there?"

"There is something there that lies beyond human understanding. They made me to last, those ancients did, but even so eventually all dies out. Even this body, with as much as I've enhanced it with machinery and other dark arts, wears out. Only through reaching heaven intact, bypassing death, can one made like me continue to go on."

"And Instrumentality would allow you to do that," concluded Omega. "At humanity's expense."

Kiel took a step towards his chair. "You know, Viktor, you should have listened more to your sister. She was certainly smarter than you are."

"Oh, on that matter I fully agree. She had you figured out long ago." Omega glanced out the plexiglass and towards the smoke that lined along the underground cliff wall. He could see tongues of flame shoot up from the river of lava that was around them, and through the smoke and fire he saw something else hiding in the shadows. He allowed himself a smile, knowing that now all pieces were in place.

"A pity you shall not see her again," the Chairman said. In an instant the steel rod from his wheelchair shot into Omega's body, impaling him through the chest.

"UNCLE!!!" screamed both of the twins as they saw Kiel's wheelchair weapon shoot into Victor and pin him to the obelisk.
"Oh, no!" cried Erin.

Patrick let his rage escape him and grabbed the throne's actuators, Erin then put her small hands right on top of his. "Let's finish this!" they both growled in unison.

Omega's body jerked in extreme pain but even through his suffering he laughed at the chairman. "You're the fool!" Viktor told him as he struggled. "You forgot the last scroll! The one that tells how this ends!"

"It ends here!" Kiel scowled "Now!"

"You're right about that! Hey, you son of a bitch!" Viktor spat at the chairman with his dying breath. "MEET MY SISTER!"

Kiel turned to his right as something became visible through the plexiglass shields of the temple. Suddenly the glass and steel shattered and a giant silver-white fist smashed its way though the stone pillars next to him. The fist came within a meter of the chairman before AT Fields appeared and repelled the thrust from the EVA.

"AT Field!" Erin called out.

"We got one of them too!" shouted Patrick behind her shoulder. "Punch through!"

Unit 04's AT field met the chairman's and for a few seconds both sparked against each other as the fields fought for dominance but the EVA's field, powered by both of the twins' full energy, pushed aside Kiel's field. The giant silver hand then grabbed Chairman Kiel and pulled him out of the temple through the opening in the shield wall that it had made earlier.

Kiel struggled to get free, his red eyes glowing brightly as he tried to bring forth all kinds of energy from his body that spewed out in glowing colors in all directions and all kinds of patterns. The EVA responded by holding his small body tightly with both hands, grasping to make sure she didn't let go.

"I've got him!" said Erin to Patrick.

"THEN DO IT! DO IT NOW!" he screamed back with every amount of will he had left. Erin drew on every possible emotion in her mind and pushed forward on the actuators with all of her strength. 

Their EVA was now standing in the lava river, the red molten flow going above her ankles as warning klaxons and alarms were heard all around by the pilots in the entry plug. The monitor flashed DANGER! EXTREME EXTERIOR SURFACE TEMPERATURE! Erin pushed aside all of her fear and plunged Chairman Kiel's body into the lava river below. She could feel shocks and buffeting from the hands and screamed as the extreme heat from the surface was felt on her own hands as it burned the EVA's own flesh. Erin held the EVA's hands under the lava river for as long as she dared and then feeling too much pain suddenly let go, unconsciously commanding the EVA to jump out of the river as well. The silver-white unit sprung towards the rock ground of the base of the cliff, and landed on its back. The EVA's hands and feet were smoldering, portions of the white-and-silver colored exterior skin of the Evangelion removed to reveal severely burnt human flesh underneath them.

Erin panted heavily as she searched the lava river for any sigh of the chairman. She caught a glimpse of metal floating on the surface, the last remnants of the chairman's body, but after a moment it too sunk below the lava river, a jet of steam shooting out in its place. She waited, watching for any other possible sign of life but after a minute she let out a long sigh. Kiel was gone.

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