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Chapter 60: Transcendence

After what seemed like a long time Erin caught her breath, having earlier moved their EVA to rest along the rocky cliffs that bordered the lava river. It took her a few moments to better recover and as she brushed the hair from her forehead she tried to get a better look at the aftermath of their ordeal.

"No sign of anyone," she told Patrick. "I don't see your uncle anywhere around here." She switched magnification on the viewer and more carefully searched around the ruins of the temple above the lava flow. The only thing remaining besides the temple pillars itself was the body of Pitor, the chairman's manservant. "No uncle, no anything. Do you see him?"

Patrick didn't reply and Erin kept scanning the video monitors for any signs of life. "Oh, no. I don't know what happened to him. Patrick?" Her brother still didn't answer but instead his body slumped over and against her shoulder. "Patrick?" Erin asked again and then looked over to see him. She gasped in horror.

"PATRICK!" she screamed as she saw him. Patrick's body was listless and shifted against the back of the throne. His eyes were closed, the skin from his face was now gone, replaced by a thick, red layer of tissue underneath.

Erin panicked when she saw him and immediately shook him to try and wake him up. "PATRICK! Oh, my God, what happened to you?!" The boy was still alive, however, and spoke weakly to her.


"Okay!" she answered. "The plug's got a med-kit, we'll use that!"

"Not...there...LCL...stabilizer," he wheezed out. "Die...without it."

"Where is it, then?"

"Kaji...looking...Rei...I need Rei."

"Didn't she just shoot you a little while ago?"

Patrick gurgled and struggled to speak further. "Rei...stabilizer..."

"Will she have it?"

"Maybe...gotta get her."

Erin immediately turned her attention to the display and worked out the path from their current position to where they had been before at the top of the cliff side of the ceremonial chamber. "It's a tough climb back, the EVA's really in bad shape right now," she told him, "but I'll get you there!" She grabbed the actuators and then commanded the EVA to stand up and then start moving up the side of the cliff, back the way they had come.

Terrified of what was now happening to her brother Erin spoke to him as she started to pilot their way back to the others. "When did this happen to you? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Target...important..." he replied, trying as hard as he could to get the words out. "...nothing else matters..."

"Well, you matter, dammit!" she cried. "I just found you, I'm not going to lose you now!"

Shinji stared at the fallen body of Unit 02 that was silently lying on the rocky ground of the cavern. Standing above it was the enemy, Evangelion Unit 06, spattered in red from the wounds it had inflicted on the EVA it had just defeated.

"Shinji Ikari," the voice of the Angel Boy came over the audio inside of Shinji's entry plug. "If you want mercy I can give it to you. Surrender to me, now, and I promise that you will not suffer as she did."

The boy didn't reply back but just kept looking at the mangled, dismembered body of EVA-02. In his mind he tried to picture Asuka, to imagine her inside of the plug but on seeing how mangled her EVA was the thought terrified him. Shinji's mental image of Asuka was always someone full of life, happily bouncing and clinging to him with affection. He saw her face, her beautiful skin and her dazzling blue eyes. He remembered the scent of her long, luscious red hair, and he knew the taste of her lips on his own. As he thought of these things, he saw the EVA in front of him, bled out and lifeless, and an image of Asuka being torn to pieces shot through is mind. No.





"NOOOOO!" Shinji screamed.

"It's too late," the boy's voice came back, in a mockingly cheerful tone. "I've killed her!" At that moment the bottom dropped out of Shinji's soul.

"YAAAGGHHH!" the boy roared and his Evangelion roared right along with him. He clutched the actuators tight and pulled them towards him, losing all control. "DIE!!!" he growled.

On his entry plug's display came the words SYNC: 303% BEAST MODE: ACTIVATED and the display was flooded with data that violently streamed across the screen in all directions. Shinji screamed as Unit 01 itself began to glow, roaring along with its pilot. The glowing led to morphing as the remaining bindings broke off of the EVA's skin and fell to the ground. Hands turned into claws, skin turned into scales, arms and legs changed and became elongated, a tail formed and grew from the back of the EVA. The EVA's helmet snapped off and its mouth grew in length as rows of sharpened teeth grew out of it. Energy from the EVA's AT Field formed behind it and manifested into two bat-like wings that stretched fifty meters in either direction. Through its transformation the Evangelion now took a new shape, its eyes glowing red and narrowing their glance, right at the Unit 06 and its pilot.

"So," the Angel Boy jovially replied, "you're just an animal, after all!"

The changed Unit 01 replied with a loud roar. A moment later it's long neck glowed red and then out of the purple beast's snout streamed a violent jet of flame that shot directly at the Angel boy's EVA. The enemy EVA's AT field appeared just meters in front of him, the wall of flame springing off in all directions.

"Oh, Shinji Ikari! You're not just an animal, but a monster! Is this your true form?" the boy said mockingly as he ran and dove his EVA through the air towards the dragon. Seeing the attack, the Dragon-Evangelion projected its own AT field and the blood-spattered Unit 06 bounced off before it could crash into Unit 01. The enemy landed on the ground, rolling around to get away as the Dragon followed by shooting another stream of flame at him.

"Well, your AT Field has changed, too!" the Angel Boy declared as he quickly righted himself. "It seems we are now evenly matched." Unit 01 said nothing in reply, but instead snorted and menacingly prowled towards him. "Let us join in battle then!" Unit 06 took two steps back and then again formed the blue tentacle, sharpening the tip into a long needle. It coiled up and sprang at the dragon as it charged towards him, striking it on the shoulder. The dragon cried in pain but then extended its wings and then pushed off the ground before the needle could strike again. As the blue needle again tried to find its target and shot towards the dragon's belly it was met with a massive wall of flame. The tentacle vaporized and a moment later the dragon itself landed right in front of Unit 06.

The dragon's eyes glowed bright red as it grasped the enemy's neck with one of its claws, while it swiped the EVA's face with the other. The Angel Boy screamed in pain with the strike, then used all of his strength to push off EVA-01's grip and evade it, his own EVA's face now scarred by the attack. 

The Dragon pursued him, charging for yet another attack as it bellowed. The Angel Boy then pivoted around and again projected it's AT field to block the effort. The Dragon's body met resistance against the field but then used its own AT field to merge with it, and then ripped open the enemy's field with its own claws. As it tore the field open, the dragon breathed another jet of flame onto the enemy EVA, and parts of it caught fire as the dragon's flame hit the target.

The Angel Boy grunted as he felt pain all over his physical body, and again he maneuvered his EVA to avoid the charging giant that was now pursuing him. He recalled the AT field again and once more put out the attacking needle, glowing with blue energy as it shot towards the purple beast. The needle found its target, poking the Dragon sharply on the left shoulder and again on the chest, and red flowed from either wound while the Dragon bellowed. Her attacks didn't stop however, and the beast still slashed with her claws and mouth, this time getting a bite on Unit 06's left shoulder before he could get away.

Looking through his video display at the glowing purple beast in front of him the enemy pilot tried to work out the way to defeat this latest foe, as the strength and resilience of Unit 01 were now far tougher than he had initially expected. It will take the Spear to do this after all, he realized, and knew that he would have to recover it from the far end of the canyon wall where the other EVA, the one piloted by the Daughter of Lillith, had escaped to earlier. His whole body now sweating profusely and feeling the sharp pain of the wounds and burns of his own EVA, the Angel Boy looked carefully for a way to make his next move.

Seeing the Dragon now charge at him again, the boy manifested the energy tentacle but instead of striking the EVA he shot the tentacle straight up to the cavern ceiling. Running away from the Dragon's attack as he did so, the boy was able to strike sharply at the roof and cause a rain of boulders to come crashing down on Unit 01, momentarily stopping her from proceeding further.

That should stall him, he thought and then turned his EVA towards the far end of the canyon, ready to teleport himself there in order to defeat the blue and yellow EVA and obtain the Spear. 

Unfortunately for him, the Spear was no longer there. It was now a hundred meters in front of him, and it was being carried by something that resembled the earlier EVA but was also transformed.

The Angel Boy looked at the new figure through his display and saw what looked like the humanoid form of the EVA but now the figure was not the lanky, exaggerated silhouette of the Harpy that it had initially been but instead retained a much more feminine appearance. The body was more slender, its breasts more shapely and round, and its head was not the oversized jaw and mouth it once was, but a much more proportional shape to its now human body. Before the boy could say anything further the figure, still clothed in the blue and yellow skin of the original Unit 07, took her left hand and removed her helmet. Underneath it was the giant head of Rei herself, her hair and skin now milky white, and her eyes glowing red with rage. Rei had merged with both Adam and her Unit and had herself become the EVA.

"SHINJI!" the giant shouted towards EVA-01. The dragon recovered itself from the boulders that had blocked her earlier, and looked towards the new creature Rei had transformed into. "SHINJI" she again called towards him, her transformed body now having a loud voice that echoed through the entire cavern. "WE'RE HERE! LET'S FINISH IT!"

Inside of his entry plug, upon seeing the image of Rei now merged with her Evangelion finally managed to detract Shinji from his trance. His eyes still glowing red like his EVAs, Shinji looked at the display and saw Rei now standing there as tall as the EVA itself, the Spear of Longinus in her right hand. Still too overtaken with raw emotion and rage to say anything he instead roared as the dragon roared with him in agreement.

The Angel boy looked in both directions, now facing an enemy on either side of him. He saw the transformed figure of Rei in front of him, the look of outright determination on her face, her red glowing eyes narrowing as they focused on him. Turning back around he then saw the purple dragon behind him, smoke coming out through its nostrils as it paced. The dragon growled, her own eyes focused on his EVA. A feeling was now coming to the boy, something that he had not felt since he had become alive in his new body: fear.

Seeing the threats he now faced the Angel Boy knew his only real option was to escape. He focused his mental energy onto the EVA so that he could teleport somewhere out of reach of the dragon and the giant. As he did so, a sphere of luminescent energy again started to form around his EVA.

Knowing that he was about to escape, the giant that Rei had become then screamed out a battle cry and then ran with all speed towards the enemy, the Spear held behind her shoulder cocked and ready to throw. Inside of the dragon, Shinji saw what Rei was intending to do and he himself pounced towards the enemy's EVA.

The energy bubble that formed around Unit 06 wasn't a shield like the AT field was and Shinji found that his unit could quickly penetrate it. Just as the enemy was about to teleport away from the cavern, the transformed Unit 01 grabbed it from behind, holding its arms in her claws. Distracted by the attack the Angel Boy was unable to complete the teleport and now put his energy back into his own defense, again bringing up his AT-Field. The field buffered against Unit 01 but she continued to grapple with the the boy's own EVA. The pilot struggled to shake off the dragon but she held onto him too tightly despite his violent shaking.

As he tried to throw off his opponent the Angel Boy looked in front of him and saw the charging giant. Rei ran at him at full speed, holding the spear in front of her, pointing directly at the Angel Boy's EVA. The boy focused hard on his AT Field to keep out the other attacker but when Rei's spear came into contact with the AT field the spear itself peeled right through the field as visible energy waves pushed out from the translucent field in all directions. She pressed on and with all of her strength she ran right at the enemy, and within another second she closed the distance. Making contact with Unit 06, Rei shoved the spear right into the EVA's abdomen, the tip of the spear aimed at the entry plug inside. The Angel Boy screamed in terror.

Seated on his own control throne, the boy saw cracks appear all around him as the video display went completely dead. Within another half-second the side wall of the entry plug shattered and shards of metal and fiberglass were thrown all about as the tip of the spear penetrated inside of the plug. Gripping the actuators in terror, the boy could feel the spear tip reach him, penetrating right through to his plug suit. His whole body trembled in shock.

Emanating out of the spear was a ghostly figure who floated towards the boy's face and then took shape. A lanky, naked teenaged boy with white hair and white skin formed from the spirit, and as the ghost's face became discernible the Angel Boy found himself looking at his own image.

"Oh, it's you, Samael," the spirit said to the boy in recognition.

"Tabris!" the boy said in response, knowing now who it was that had come to him. He then frowned in frustration. "They said you were dead!"

"I've been liberated, Samael," said the spirit as the rest of his body took form. "I'm now Adam. I always was."

"What are you doing with these Lillim?" Samael said to Adam. "this is our world!"

"I'm afraid not," Adam replied with a slight smile. "That battle's been fought already, and the Lillim have been made the victors."

"Not if I have any say in it!" scowled Samael. "Let me merge with the Daughter of Lillith and I will get back what is rightfully ours!"

"You were cast out for a reason, Samael," said Adam. "The war is over. Leave them alone."


"Then I'm sorry," Adam replied, "but I'll be needing this back then." The spirit brought forth his hand and Samael's plug suit suddenly disintegrated. Small pieces of Samael's body then started to break free of him and rapidly shoot back to Adam's hand, Adam's own body becoming less and less translucent as his flesh returned.

"No!" screamed the Angel Boy, "NO! Let me live!"

"I thought you didn't like human bodies anyway," Adam quipped as more and more parts of Samael made their way over to his own body. The other angel boy's arms flailed in agony as he was progressively disintegrated, screaming out for the mercy that he had denied so many others.

Finally with a loud wail the rest of Samael's physical form was broken down and sucked back into Adam. Now with a complete body, Adam looked at the throne seat in the entry plug and saw a small, glowing blue orb resting on the seat. The boy then took the orb in his right hand and smiled. He looked up and now focused on the pilot of Unit 01. Shinji...

Seated within his own entry plug, Shinju continued to hold onto the enemy EVA unit which had now ceased to struggle. With the resistance of the enemy lessening, Shini's mind started coming back to him and in doing so he heard the voice of the Angel. Shinji...

"What?" said Shinji as he tried to figure out what was now happening. "Kaworu?" "No," he said to the voice in distrust. "It's not really you!"

Shinji Ikari, said the voice, Do you not know me?

Shinji didn't reply at first, feeling the conflict inside of his mind, the pain he had felt when he had walked right into the Angel Boy's trap earlier. Still momentarily unsure, Shinji gripped the actuators as he tried to determine his next move. "Shinji!" the giant figure of Rei called at him from outside, her hands still on the Spear of Longinus plunged into Unit 06's body. "Destroy him, NOW!"

The boy said nothing else in reply but instead commanded the EVA to grip Unit 06's head with both hands. Then with one strong motion, EVA-01 twisted off the head of the enemy EVA and sent it flying towards the cavern floor. At the same moment inside of the entry plug, Adam clutched the blue orb in his hands. "The end," he said to the Angel core, "and the beginning." He then crushed the orb, breaking it apart. The orb then exploded in a flash of light followed by a massive wave of power spreading in all directions. The last thing Shinji remembered was in that final moment all things had turned to white.

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