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Chapter Forty-Three: Checkmate

After having rappelling in practical free-fall down the inside of a old elevator shaft, Kaji raced to the bottom levels of SEELE-2s mountain fortress, trying to make it to the bottom before whatever it was that was gathering their Evangelions at the very basement was allowed to occur. Narrowly escaping being run over by elevator cars, he managed to arrive at the bottom level still intact, and then quickly pried open the doors and made his way down a tube-shaped chamber that carved through the rock of the mountain.   


He could feel it was warmer here, much warmer than the higher levels. The smell of smoke and sulfur gave away the presence of lava, as the mountain was among other things in a range with a still-active volcano.


Kaji reached the end of the lava tube which fed into another, and then near the end he saw what looked like a spacious opening carved into the base of the mountain. If this was done through lava or by man-made means he didn't know, it had the appearance of being the result of an underground nuclear explosion, such was the spherical nature of the chamber.   He exited the tube and saw the full underground cavern, which with it's was equal parts majestic and chilling.


The cavern was several kilometers long, with lava tubes large and small feeding to one end while the other end ended in a cliff. Beyond the cliff Kaji could sense the flow of hot lava, now glowing brightly as magma flowed through other underground chambers. The tops of the cavern looked more smooth, impossibly smooth for natural formations, although there were still craggs visible in the rock above.  Beyond the glow of the lava flow light was provided by a set of LED lights hastilly fastened to the roof of the chamber above, and to the rocky ground below.


His eye adjusted to the light more and Kaji could make out details on the rocky sides of the caverns: runes carved into the rock in various languages. Some he could not make out, but some he could and ones he recognized were all in Hebrew. He also saw they were recently carved into the walls, in preparation for what was to come.


As the lights were brightened in the chamber Kaji saw one more thing at the bottom, what he had discovered the first, very brief time he had reconnoitered the giant cavern in the dark.  A giant red crucifix was planted into the ground perhaps three hundred meters from the edge of the cliff, and on that crucifix was nailed the purple-colored body of Evangelion Unit 01, with the red Lance of Longinus still pierced right through her.  Kaji took a careful look at EVA-01. She wasn't moving, he observed, and it was difficult for him to determine if she was still active at all.


Noises were heard at the other end of the cavern and Kaji quickly dove out of sight. He had carried a universal camouflage cloak with him and now he unfurled it and wrapped it around himself, hugging the ground close to avoid being seen. The cloak was special-operations grade, able to filter out body heat and even sounds, to help him avoid detection by sensors as well as by the eyes of sentries.


Hiding behind a larger bolder, Kaji watched as a procession of white Mass Production series shuffled through a set of giant iron doors that opened up into the chamber. These he knew came from the giant metal shaft that came down from the cages.  Some of the units looked brand new while others were clearly stitched together from body parts of other units as arms and legs hung from sockets like they were lame appendages. Each of the Harpies still had their oversized head with no eyes but giant mouths, and they were salivating as they shuffled towards the red crucifix at the other end of the chamber.


While the white monsters came in one by one Kaji could make out the figures of men who entered the chamber through another way. Careful to keep distance from the Harpies, a group of older men walked slowly towards the crucified body of Unit 01. One of them was being pushed in a wheelchair, and then Kaji knew he had come at the right time.


It's Kiel, here to start the ceremony all over again. Kaji saw the men in the background and judged his distances. He realized as they made the long way from the elevator shafts to where the crucifix was it would bring them closer to where he was hiding among the larger rocks in the cavern. In his mind  Kaji calculated the time it would take for him to reach the pathway at its closet point, and then use the automatic pistol currently in his waistband to put two bullets into the chairman's head before he could be stopped. He couldn't warn NERV, but at least he had one remaining option to him to stop Third Impact and the chairman's centuries-long dream of Instrumentality, of breaking down humanity into a collective soul that he would himself possess as a new god.


Before Kiel progressed further Kaji saw that he ordered his chair stopped, and he looked carefully as he spoke with the others around him.



“Piotr!” Kiel barked. “This is as far as you go!”

“But my Chairman,” his manservant protested, “the ground is rocky here. You cannot navigate the chair on your own!”

“I've spent my entire life in continual striving to this point,” Kiel countered, “I'm not going to let an unpaved path be an obstacle to me now.”

Piotr carefully placed his right hand in his pocket, feeling the pistol he carried inside. He saw the other old men around them, perhaps another eight remaining from SEELE's committee, the survivors of their war with NERV and the Alliance. There were guards too, but Piotr knew the guards would be sent away soon. He had to make a decision now, while it was still not too late.


“Piotr!” Chairman Kiel barked again. “Do as you are bidden, you old fool! You served me well enough these years, trust I'll have mercy in the end for you as well.”

“Yes, Chairman,” he said softly. Pitor then reached further into his pocket to grab the gun when he felt a hand come around and grab his arm.  The old manservant looked in shock to his left and saw one of the security guards, an older man, reach for him, but underneath the guard's cap and moustache Piotr could see who it really was. The man whispered into his ear “Not now, there will be a better chance later. Trust me.” Pitor released the gun handle and then removed his hand from the pockets as the security guard led him away by the arm towards the elevators. As the other guards followed them outside, the old men of SEELE continued to make their way down the rocky path to the crucifix.


Kaji watched as the guards left the committee in the chamber and out the smaller iron set of doors. For a moment he froze as one of the guards, the one who was dragging the manservant, turned his head and looked in Kaji's direction. After a moment the guard then turned back and led the manservant through the doorway.

In the elevator bank several security guards milled about outside, not sure what was about to happen but not wanting to take a chance on certain death if they didn't follow their master's orders. The older guard that had Pitor by the arm dragged him towards one of the elevators and as the door opened shoved him inside.

“What is going on?” Piotr asked him.

“Checkmate,” was the man's whispered reply as the doors to the elevator closed.


Kaji watched further as the two processions, one of old men and other of white giants, made their way to the crucifix.  Bringing up the rear of the column of Evangelions was a powerful-looking monster in blue. EVA-06 slowly walked to the circle that was being formed around the captive Unit 01. They group was now close enough to him to hear their voices as they moved towards the crucifix.

“My boy!” Chairman Kiel called out in a wheezing voice to Unit 06 as it walked closer to where the men were. “It’s now our time to set all right. Use the Spear to draw the energy from Lillith’s Daughter, and allow us to unmake this old world and collect all souls.”

“Then can I have what you promised me?” the Angel boy asked, talking through loudspeakers from his Evangelion Unit.

“Release the Daughter of Lillith and you will release your earthly form as well, and you will be restored to your true, fully realized self. You will rule with us, having all becoming transformed into the gods of a new world.”

“Very well,” the boy said, and he moved his EVA unit so that he could stand right in front of the immobilized EVA-01. Waiting until the rest of the white giants started to assemble in a circle around them, the boy himself felt charged with energy, anxious to be free of what he considered to be his corrupted form of a human.


The agent saw Kiel struggle with moving his wheelchair towards the center, knowing that he was now just a few seconds away from being able to jump out and ambush the old man from his hidden position.  It would be in all likelihood his last action on this earth, he knew, but necessary to prevent or at least stave off the disaster that would happen if the Chairman’s plans were to be brought to their fulfillment. Kaji focused his mind on all that was important, as he did so images of Misato appeared in the back of his mind. Happy images, of him and her and now of someone else tiny and lively in her arms. How at this moment he wanted to go back and make a home for them both, to have a simple, sweet life far away from the dangers of the world. As fate had allowed this happy future was now impossible to him, and the best chance that the subject of his love had was to at least have a future free of the evil men that were now in front of him, even at the cost of his own life.

Fifteen years of plotting. fifteen years of biting survival against impossible odds, managing to escape the hell of bombed-out Old Tokyo, then infiltrating SEELE and NERV and finding out just how far the secrets went, how  far down the pit of hell was the committee’s plot for instrumentality. Everything that he had lived and worked or for the last fifteen years was about to be realized in the next fifteen seconds.

I’m sorry, Katsuragi, I broke my promise. I swear that it’s the last promise I’ll ever break.

Kaji reached for his pistol at the side of his waistband, ready to pounce as soon as Kiel came within spitting distance of him in the near dark of the cavern. As he put his hand around the pistol handle, he then felt cold steel at the base of his neck.

“How interesting,” the voice came as a whisper and spoke to him in accentless Japanese, “the director of NERV intelligence feels the need to go out into the field himself.”

Kaji froze, suddenly unsure of what to do next. He could feel the barrel of the pistol edge against his head. The voice behind him continued to speak at a whisper. “If you’re trying to spoil the party flinging yourself out there is not the way to do it.”  

“It’s now or never,” Kaji whispered back to the unknown figure, watching as Kiel was now just a few meters away from him.

“No. Not like this.”

The agent saw Kiel struggle with the motorized wheelchair right in front of him. He felt paralyzed, not knowing how he had been interdicted, or even who it was. He wasn’t putting Kaji out in the open, however, and that indicated for the agent to at least consider more options than he had thirty seconds ago.

“What do you want?”

“Let’s watch and see the dream die first,” the voice told him. “Let him know that he failed.”

“How is that going to happen?” Kaji asked the voice behind him.

“Trust me, Mr. Kaji. Trust me.”

Seeing the chairman now start to move away from their position and towards the base of the crucifix, Kaji tried to think about what he should do. Should he break position and make his attempt now? Should he trust someone with a gun to the back of his head? Yet the logic of the situation was that someone knew at least a bit more than he did, and was confident enough to take action. He bit his lip and did something that he really, really hoped he would not regret within the next few minutes.

“Alright,” he whispered to the voice behind him and released his grip of his pistol. The man behind him made no attempt to disarm him, and removed his own gun from the base of Kaji’s head.  Kaji asked his unseen companion. “What happens now?”

“Defeat,” said the voice.



For SEELE the moment had finally arrived. Gathered in a circle around the crucifix, nine committee members and nine white Evangelions now faced the crucified form of Unit 01 in the center.  Horribly interrupted at Tokyo-3 where others had interfered with their  concluding act, they had succeeded in rebuilding their force at the cost of all of their remaining resources. Now secluded in their own protected sanctuary, five thousand years of efforts now resulted in the one final act that would conclude one million years of human existence and violently melt all souls into one, with the men of SEELE as the gods who would rebuild the world to their own horribly bent vision.

“Now once and again the time has come,” the Chairman said to them. All of the members began to chant:

Return the Evangelions to their rightful form.
Evangelize humankind and restore us to our true form.
With indiscriminate death and prayers, we return to our original state.

Chairman Kiel shouted at the top of his voice, his fists clenched in poured out emotion now released in force “LET THE SACRAMENT BEGIN!!!”

As instructed, Unit 06 grabbed the red Spear of Longinus and pushed it deeper into Unit 01. An energy field around the Evangelion begin to form, as it began to glow in fluorescent blue. All around him, each of the Harpies spread their wings and took their own spears, and stabbed Unit 01. Their bodies hummed with energy as the air itself began to blur around them.

Kaji’s stomach dropped with horror as he saw Third Impact again being realized right in front of his own eyes. The missed opportunity he had weight horribly on his own shoulders. “It’s the End,” he said to his unseen companion.

“No,” the voice said to him, “It’s the Beginning!”

Inside of the entry plug of Unit 06, the boy pilot pushed the spear as far as it would go inside of the enemy Evangelion. He had hated being human, being limited in a body made of dirt and water. “Let me be free!” he called out to the EVA in front of him as he focused all of his energy against Unit 01. As he struggled to control his attack, the boy could see a glowing halo appearing just above the head of Unit 01.

The blue energy field spread from EVA-06 and down the Spear and made contact with Unit 01. Instead of spreading all over EVA-01 however, something unexpected then happened. The purple-colored skin of EVA-01 began to crystallize and as the glowing blue energy that spread from Unit 06 tried to attack it, red patters of hexagons began to form all over the EVA's skin.

“I…I can see Heaven,” he said as he looked inside of the halo, as shadowy figures with dark eyes were seen beyond a blur of distorted air and light. “Let it be! Let it be!” He pushed violently on the actuators in the entry plug, shaking them back and forth with all of his focused energy. 

“Our moment!” shouted Chairman Kiel. “Our moment has arrived!” He raised his arms above him as did all of the others who stood by the EVA. He closed his eyes, and let himself feel relaxed, waiting for his old, decrepit body to dissipate.

For a few moments blue energy did battle with red, as the Anti-AT Field generated by both EVA-06 and the Harpies was fought by the AT Field of Evangelion Unit 01.  Light blurred around the purple giant and the old men on the ground looked with apprehension as the children of Adam and Lillith conflicted. EVA-01 began to glow, increasing its power as the red-edged hexagons began to lift off the surface of her skin. As the blue tentacles of energy tried to crawl all over Unit 01, the red hexagons each appeared to bend into distorted shapes, wrestling the blue energy and capturing it.

“NO!” screamed the pilot of Unit 06. “NO! YOU CAN’T REJECT ME! I WILL BE ONE WITH YOU!” He commanded his EVA to push on the Spear harder but it was unable to move forward. Instead, each of the hundreds of red hexagons began to absorb the blue energy coming from his EVA and then enlarge themselves.

The halo above Unit 01 expanded and then a circular wall of light shot out from underneath it, dropping like a heavy curtain on all of the spears that were being projected into it from the enemy Evangelions. Suddenly all nine of the Harpies were subjected to bolts of red lightning that traveled up their spears and then embraced them in a red haze. Each of the harpies jittered as it was seized with the energy from Unit 01 and then one by one tumbled downward to the ground, their own spears broken by the curtain of light.

“AAAGGH!” the boy inside Unit 06 screamed as he felt red electricity crawl over him inside of his entry.  He scratched himself all over as he tried to get rid of it and in doing so his Evangelion let go of the Spear of Longinus. EVA-06 jumped backwards as red electricity followed it from Unit 01. After breaking contact with the Spear the electricity dissipated and then disappeared.

Looking through the video monitors the boy looked in front and saw the figure of Unit 01 still standing in front of him. The surface of her skin was now completely crystallized and the red hexagons were each absorbed into the EVA. The red-colored Spear of Longinus was still pierced through the side of EVA-01.  The halo also was still above her head, although the glow was now faint and not as bright as before.


Down below Chairman Kiel opened his eyes and saw that he still sat there as did all of the others. He saw the Harpies crumpled to the ground around them and EVA-06 standing apart from EVA-01. Furious, he slammed on his communicator button on his automatic chair. “Boy, what are you doing?!” he shouted. “Get the connection back!”

Unit 06 lurched forward and tried to grab the Spear again for another attempt but this time when he ordered his EVA to grab the Spear itself red energy shot out from it, shocking Unit 06 again. He tried again and a third time, and each time the Spear attacked EVA-06. It was too white-hot for Unit 06 to handle.

Frustrated and angry, the pilot pushed his EVA to attack Unit 01 with its fists. Slamming them into Unit 01, the punches had now effect as the crystalline surface on EVA-01 only seemed to harden more with each attack. After several punches and throws nothing was able to affect the giant in front of him, and in an last attempt he tried a diving attack into the EVA, only to have another giant wave of light flash out and push him and his EVA away.  They tumbled to the ground a hundred meters apart from the still-standing figure of EVA-01.

The Chairman’s hands began to shake with violent emotion as he saw what had happened in front of him. EVA-06’s attempt to merge with EVA-01 and create a new Third Impact had horribly, horribly failed. Somehow EVA-01 had repelled every attempt at contact, and had now even taken the Spear away as it was locked inside the EVA’s new crystal cocoon.

“ATTACK! ATTACK!” he shouted at Unit 06. “What are you doing? You must attempt again!”

The pilot’s panting breath came out of the loudspeaker of the EVA. “It’s…it’s no use,” he said. “This is not the Daughter of Lillith. Not even Lillith herself has this power! This is…something unforeseen.”

“You insolent fool!” Kiel shouted back. “I gave you life now make your end of the bargain.”

The boy dropped back into the throne, racking his soul to find the answer to what he was seeking. Experiencing what had just happened he saw the crystalized EVA in front of him and then suddenly knew. The Angels had their own knowledge of each other, and of how they were placed within time upon reflection the boy, rather the Angel inside the boy’s body, understood what had really happened.  He laughed a tired laugh, closing his eyes and realizing how foolish he had been all along.

“What are you laughing about!” shouted the Chairman. “Five thousand years of effort is not to be mocked!”

The boy paid him no mind and instead walked the EVA closer to the chairman and his stunned followers. He knelt down and popped open the entry plug, opening the side door and then following the rope ladder down to the ground. Dressed in a blue and black plug suit, the boy appeared the same as Kaworu Nagisa once did.  Without trepidation he walked right in front of the chairman.


“You must re-start the process!” the Chairman ordered, angrily pointing his finger at the boy.

“You stupid old man,” the angel boy replied. “You can’t restart what has already been completed.”

Increasingly furious, Kiel now strove to push himself out of the wheelchair and stand up on this own feet with whatever strength he had left. “Nonsense!” he said as his legs trembled to support the weight of his body. “You saw the door to Heaven opening! We were almost there!”

“It now opens for the EVA but not for us,” the boy declared. “You didn’t tell me the truth. You didn’t tell me there were other attempts to do this.”

“What does it matter,” asked Kiel, struggling to stay afoot as the boy came nearer. “All of those attempts failed.”

“All but the last one.”

“What happened over three months ago was yet another failure,” said the old man, “interrupted when Gendo Ikari’s secret plan to merge man and angel together was allowed to come to fruition. But the fused Angel disintegrated, and we were left where we are now.”

The boy laughed. “Oh, you old fool. You really have no idea what has happened.”

Kiel had nearly lost his patience. “Then enlighten me.”

The Angel boy came right up to Kiel’s face. “This world is not what you think it is. The union of Lilith and Adam has remade it all. It cannot be undone.”

The old man pushed back new found doubt. “Nothing had occurred that cannot be overtaken if we follow the path given to us by the Ancients,” he declared. “The scrolls, the Dead Sea Scrolls, they spell out the pathway that we need to take. Adam and Lilith must be united with the Spear, and once done those who are the most faithful, who perform the rite will choose the new way. It’s all written down, and everything that was written has already come to pass.”

“I have no idea of what you speak of,” the boy said. “But you’ve forced me into this human form.” He gestured to himself. “Horrors! It’s not even a real human body! You pushed me into this and now because you’ve failed to see what has happened I’m locked inside!”

“We gave you life again!” Kiel reminded the boy. “Without us even the body you currently have would not survive long.”

“Better that you never woke me at all,” said the boy in response.

“You must do as we say if you mean to live!” shouted Kiel as he pointed a finger at him. “Go and re-start the ceremony again!”


 “Don’t you dare threaten me, Lillim!” The Angel boy waived a hand and an AT Field appeared in front of  him, forcefully pushing Kiel off his feet and on his back. “I tire of this.” The boy then turned his back and walked towards his EVA.

“Wait! WAIT!” the Chairman shouted, still flat on his back in the cavern hall. He was ignored as the subject of this wrath made his way back to the rope ladder and then climbed back into Unit 06.  As Kiel writhed on the ground in both anger and agony, other members of the committee now came to his aid.

“My Chairman,” one of the men said, “let us go now. He can’t run away if he wants to live”

“Yes, My Chairman,” said another. “We will see to the repairs to the Mass Production Series.” Kiel grunted as he was helped back into his chair by two of the men and then pushed back towards the doorway. The remaining men made their way back alongside them, several now speaking into communicators to issue orders.”


Watching all of this in their hidden position was Kaji and the man that was in the shadows behind him. They waited until the committee was nearly out of earshot before making their move to leave as well. Seeing their chance, both men darted from the ground and then quickly jogged towards the canyon walls and the lava tube that had allowed them to access SEELE-2’s inner sanctum. As they left, Kaji looked behind his shoulder and saw the towering figure of EVA-01.  Her body was now completely crystalized, the Spear of Longinus still penetrating her abdomen but now it was inert. The halo above her head was also gone and instead she remained in silence, still nailed to the giant red crucifix.

God help them when she really wakes up, Kaji thought as they left the chamber.


Among the committee members who were leaving the sanctuary was a Frenchman, and who until now had been the closest thing to a confidante for Chairman Kiel. A comparatively younger man in his early fifties, he had been by the chairman’s side all through the last twenty years of planning and effort, motivated by the promise of nothing short of godhood. The events of the last five minutes however proved quite convincing that none of this was going to come to pass, not under the present circumstances anyway.  As he left the chamber and boarded an elevator alone, the man waited until the elevator was half-way up the shaft until picking up his phone and calling his aide.

“The attempt was not successful,” he said to the aid on the other end of the line. “Nor will any succeeding attempt be after this. Chairman Kiel has made a critical error in judgment.”

“What do you wish to do now, sir?”

“Prepare for us to leave this fortress at the earliest possible opportunity,” the man answered. “After this the Alliance is sure to come calling. I don’t intend to be here when it happens.” The committee member then hung up the phone, breathing out a long sigh afterwards. Kiel, you old dog, you’ve finally been outrun.



As they returned down the hollow lava tube, in the low light of the tunnel Kaji finally got a look of who his unknown companion was.  The man was definitely middle aged if still muscular, Caucasian in appearance with salt-and-pepper hair and a mustache. He wore a set of dynamic camouflage overalls, and underneath that Kaji could see parts of a uniform that looked like SEELEs’ security forces. The expression on his face was quite serious, and the face itself looked hard and drained. He waited until he was sure there was no one else around that could hear the two of them.


Omega, I presume?” Kaji asked his companion.

“You wouldn’t be calling me that unless you got it from someone else first,’ said the man in reply. The two of them found a crag within the tunnel they were in and then stopped to face each other. Omega looked at Kaji with dead black eyes. “Why are you here?”

“I had information on where SEELE had their secret base and needed to confirm it.”

“Well congratulations, Mr. Kaji, you’ve found it. Unfortunately you’re not going to be able to tell anyone else.”

“I’ve seen to it that someone knows,” Kaji replied. “Someone trustworthy. Why wouldn’t you just tell Sir John where this base is?”

“Who says I haven’t?” said Omega. “I’m pretty sure that he didn’t tell you, however.”

“And what would be the point of that?”

Omega motioned with his hand towards the sanctuary they had just left. “Because I didn’t want that little show of humiliation to be interrupted. Consider yourself a lucky man, Mr. Kaji. Not many in this life ever get to see the great Keel Lorenz fall so hard so fast. I wanted him to know his dream was dead.”

Kaji took a step towards the man across from him. “What sort of game are you playing?”

“A game without rules, but with very heavy consequences to the players and the bystanders. You’re not asking the questions you should be asking.”

“You mean about why you knew this would fail?”

“That’s better. I’ve known this would fail for over thirty years. I just wanted to be here when it happened.” Without saying another word Omega continued down the cavern as Kaji followed him close behind.



From the giant steel clamshell doors at the top of the mountain, Patrick’s Unit 04 was launched outside into the cold night air. He was given instructions by SEELE officers to prevent any observation of the mountain by anyone or anything, including aircraft, drones, satellites, and even people on the ground. Any threats were to be immediately dispatched. Should Patrick waver in his duty, he was also told, then his sister would pay the price for it.

To allow him to blend into the natural surroundings of the mountain the SEELE technicians also provide the EVA with a giant dynamic camouflage tarp that covered his entire Evangelion unit. This was made with synthetic fabric that matched the colors of the surroundings and was to cover his unit entirely from head to foot. Armed with a positron rifle that looked like it belonged in a World War II movie, Patrick then took a position near the peak of the mountain and scanned the skies around him for any targets.

At least they didn’t chain me to the unit Patrick thought as he got into his hidden position at the mountain’s ragged peak. On the way up he had run down in his mind any possible scenarios that would allow him to escape while both retaining control of his EVA and also freeing Erin. Unfortunately none came to him that would actually work and he felt resigned to at least go through with what he was doing for the moment. He did notice as his EVA was lifted up to the summit, all of the Harpies were being sent down to the bottom, which he thought was unusually interesting. Maybe a dress rehearsal for Third Impact, he wondered. Matters were serious indeed.

He hadn’t been in position for more than forty-five minutes until a voice came over the speakers in his entry plug. “Enemy target approaching at 30,000 meters altitude. It’s a reconnaissance drone. Engage and destroy immediately.”

Well at least NERV and the Alliance are out looking for us. “Where’s the drone? I don’t see it.”

“It’s been on your tactical display already. Engage immediately!”

“All right, all right,” Patrick chided impatiently. He searched the visual scanner and saw a target rectal centered on what looked like a Global Hawk, identified by its broad wingspan. Once he made the target, he took his time in slowly bringing up his weapon.

“Don’t delay!” the voice on the speakers came back. “Destroy the target now!”

“Hey, this isn’t so easy, you know!” protested Patrick. Of course Patrick knew perfectly well it would really only take a couple of seconds for the EVA to knock down an unarmed, unshielded drone, but there was a reason for him to drag out the process. As he cued up his crosshairs on the target rectal, Patrick also guided the EVA to do one more action: remove the camouflage hood from its head. For a good five seconds Patrick sighted in the drone, carefully taking aim to make sure he only needed one shot.

Come on, Misato, you can see me here, can’t you…

“Take your shot now, Forrestal, or else there will be consequences!”

What a fascist asshole. “Fine,” he angrily replied back, immediately taking a single shot with his rifle. A second later a small explosion was seen high above them, as a single burst from Unit 04’s weapon blew apart the drone. Before anyone else noticed, EVA-04 put the hood back on and blended back into the mountain. Let’s hope that does the trick, Patrick prayed as he settled in for a long night.

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