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Chapter Thirty-Eight: Sea Change

Commander Vinson sat at his desk in his office, his hands folded in front of him as he rested his forehead against them in despair. All that ground we spent months gaining lost in an instant, he reviewed in his mind. We’re worse off now than before we won the GeoFront.

The doorbell dinged once and Vinson turned to face the side door. “Come,” he said. A second later Captain Hyuga walked in. He still wore his operations uniform and his face was stern. Without saying anything, Hyuga moved to the front of Vinson’s desk and stood at attention.

“Yes, Captain,” asked Vinson. Hyuga then gave him his LCD tablet, which Vinson then examined. There was a document on the screen with Hyuga’s signature at the bottom. “What the hell’s this?” asked Vinson.

“My resignation, sir,” said Hyuga, his eyes fixed on the wall behind Vinson’s head.

“What the hell for?”

Hyuga wasn’t expecting Vinson to ask him why he was leaving. “Well, sir,” he sputtered out, “I failed to conduct my post and command my team adequately, and…and lives were lost as a result.”

Vinson put the tablet down. “You did nothing wrong, Captain,” he said. “You tried your best to save the situation. If anyone should be resigning it should be me.”

“Sir, I…I can’t, I mean, I should have pushed harder to have Unit 04 recalled. In any case, I’m the one who was training the new operations team and they weren’t up to it either. That’s my fault sir. Plus I should have made sure the interior was cleared out of…”

“That’s enough, Captain!” Vinson said in a strong voice. “Rejected.” He offered the tablet back to Hyuga.

“But, sir…”

“Captain, if I lost every good officer that made a mistake we wouldn’t have a force anymore,” Vinson told him. “None of this was your fault, and if we are going to make anything out of this mess I need our best people here to do it. Rejected.”

Seeing that his gesture was going to go nowhere, Hyuga reluctantly took back his tablet, swallowing hard as he considered what he would say next. “How is Captain Ibiki?” Vinson asked quietly.

Hyuga shook his head. “Not okay, sir,” he said. Vinson nodded. “I know you two were close to Captain Aoba,” he told him. “Did he have family?”

“No, sir,” said Hyuga. “His parents died not long after Second Impact.”

“I see. I’ll see to it that the two of you are considered beneficiaries and you can work out any arrangements you need,” Vinson told him. “It’s not quite within the rules but…”

“It’s quite all right, Admiral,” the junior officer replied. Hyuga started to choke up. “He…he always told me if this ever happened to just donate his stuff and…” Makoto’s face grimaced as tears came again. Vinson stood up from his desk and patted him on the shoulder, but before the two of them could say anything else the door again opened and General Sheffield came inside the office.“Bloody Hell, Robert!”

Vinson tried to smile. “We fucked the pooch pretty bad, Johnnie!” Sheffield shook his head. “God Almighty that’s the truth of it.”

Hyuga looked at Vinson. “Sir, I should go…”

“No,” replied Vinson. “If there’s a lesson to be learned here we need every experienced hand with EVA in the decision making process, otherwise we get buttfucked like we just did. Please stay, Captain.” Makoto nodded and then took a chair as Sheffield took another chair and the three men all sat down. A moment of awkward silence passed before Vinson spoke to Sheffield. “Did you get the initial after action report?”

“I did,” said the general. “When is Colonel Katsuragi returning?”

“Any minute now,” Vinson replied. Hyuga looked at him nervously. “God help us when she finds out…”

The office door again opened and the three men turned to see who it was. Standing in the door way was Misato. Still dressed in her flight suit and her red NERV jacket, she quivered in anger as she quickly stomped into the room. “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!” Misato shouted, and then to the two older men: “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY KIDS!?!?!”

Vinson stood up from his chair. “At ease, Colonel!” he shouted to her. “You’re not the only one who…”

Misato didn’t wait for an explanation as she rushed to Vinson and tried to grab him by the collars. Being a much bigger man, Vinson quickly threw her off, pushing her down to the floor. Hyuga quickly stood up and rushed to help Misato get up, but she brushed him off as she stared daggers at Vinson.

“Colonel,” Vinson spat out as he met her gaze, his teeth gritting with anger of his own. “You’re not the only one here who’s ever lost a pilot…a child of their own in combat! Now cut out the shitty theatrics and stand down… NOW!”

Misato picked herself off the office floor and cracked her knuckles. Her breathing was loud as she seethed with rage. “Misato-san,” Hyuga whispered in her ear, “not now.” He encouraged her, “We got to think about Shinji-kun.” She closed her eyes tightly on hearing the now captive boy’s name and then after a moment she finally relented. “Fine.” She shook off her emotions for the moment and then stood next to the others as the men took their seats again.

Sheffield started first. “Colonel,” he asked Misato in a calm voice. “Did you see the initial after action report that Captain Hyuga prepared?”

“I did,” she said sternly. Turning to Hyuga, she asked “was that report how it really went down?”

“It’s brief as I just ran it through the audio dictation, but basically their EVA unit cut the rest of us to pieces,” Hyuga reported. “That thing could manifest an Anti-AT field at will. We never had a real chance.”

“If that’s its primary weaponry we’re not going to have a real chance no matter how many EVAs we face off with it,” said Sheffield.

“Right now we’re not even able to defend this place much less put up an offensive,” the Admiral commented to Misato. “Unit 09 doesn’t work, we just used it as a scarecrow until your team returned. We’ve only got your two functional units, nothing else. The GeoFront internal defense system is completely wasted. In addition, we lost not only Dr. Viraat but also nearly all of his top engineers. Monsieur Foch is about all we have left in terms of a scientific staff, meaning we can barely make repairs to the existing units but we don’t have much left to make upgrades or get Unit 09 activated. We’re in shit city right now. “

Listening to the commander Misato tried to keep focused, clamping her own raging anger down. “What happened to Unit 01?”

“You tell me, colonel,” scoffed Vinson. “Your pilot dropped his weapons and ran right at him like a forlorn lover.”

She looked over at Hyuga again. “Was it really the 17th Angel?”

“We couldn’t confirm it,” the junior officer answered, “we ran the Angel Detection System even before it started attacking and we couldn’t get a conclusive reading. By appearances and his voice though the pilot looked like the Fifth Child, Kaworu Nagisa.”

Vinson wasn’t done with Misato. “Why would your pilot just surrender to him like that? Didn’t he actually kill him three months ago?”

Misato closed her eyes tightly, knowing what probably really was going on in Shinji’s mind. “Pilot Ikari had an…uncharacteristically close relationship with Nagisa,” she said. “He still harbored deep regrets about what he did earlier. If that boy presented himself to Ikari-kun again, especially at his current state of mind he might not have any inhibitions about approaching him.”

“They knew exactly how to reach him,” remarked Sheffield.

“Well they certainly had us dialed in,” Vinson answered. “Then there’s the matter of the Forrestal twins.” He sighed and looked over at Misato. “You’re going to tell me that you told me so, I know.”

 “I knew something was fishy about the other twin.”

“And I’m the one who let her get in the door,” Vinson continued. “She screwed us all over. Like father, like daughter.”

Misato followed along. “If she was restricted to A Level how did she get a hold of the EVA?” The rest of the officers rolled their eyes in frustration. “Patrick, of course,” muttered the commander.

“Patrick gave her his extra plug suit and got her past security and down to the cages,” Hyuga explained to Misato. “Kikuchi went after them but once he arrived where EVA-04 was he went missing. Two other security agents were found dead at the scene, along with the bodies of two other infiltrators.”

The colonel’s eyebrows raised in astonishment. “There’s no way Patrick was part of this!”

“We don’t know anything for sure, colonel,” said the commander. “As you said earlier there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his sister and he certainly proved it today. Given how SEELE uses people’s loved ones to control their own operatives we have to assume he’s been compromised as well.”

Misato thought about what had happened with Unit 04 and both of the Forrestal twins, and inside of her jacket pocket fingered the small envelope that Kaji gave her earlier. “The visions he had,” she said to the others, “he knows where SEELE’s base is. That’s why they took him.”

“Considering what happened today I think we can completely discount any notion of him having a link or any other insight,” said Vinson. “It’s even possible he was feeding us false information.”

“I don’t think so,” Misato countered as her gaze fell on Sheffield, “especially considering how seriously the general was taking what he was seeing.” The room fell quiet as Misato looked straight at Sir John.

“You knew, didn’t you?”

Finding himself the center of attention, Sheffied tried to brush past what he knew Misato wanted to ask next. “Colonel, I think we have more important matters than re-analyzing the anxieties of a teenager.”

“Then why did you have Kikuchi give you copies of his notebook?”

“I wish Agent Kikuchi was here now so he could counter that accusation,” said Sir John more sternly. “I’m not going to sit here and have an inquisition started when we should be working on a plan of how to get back the initiative.”

Sensing that both her hunch and Kaji’s was correct, Misato continued to press the issue. “That’s not what I think,” she said with a growling tone as she narrowed her glance at the general. “I think you knew there was a real link between them. But what I don’t get is why? If you knew she was trouble, why didn’t you just say so and instead leave us vulnerable like this?”

 “You were deliberately downplaying what Patrick saw through the EVA while spying on him at the same time,” accused Misato. “If you think what he saw was real why not just tell us? If you know where SEELE’s base is we could have struck at it already instead of Kensuke and Mari and…and Shinji getting…” words failed her but she stood up and approached Sir John, her face now swelling with anger. 

Before anyone else could do anything, she grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him against a wall. “My pilot is DEAD! Two others might soon be dead because you held back information!” she shouted as Sheffield tried to recover from the floor. “WHY?!”

Vinson stood up from his desk. “Colonel, stand down now!” he bellowed.  Finally letting her full anger go, Misato reached for her sidearm. In a second she drew it and pointed it at Sheffield’s head, as Vinson drew his pistol from his desk and aimed it at her.

Her arms shook with anger. “Not until he tells me the whole story,” Misato said in a low voice.

“Misato-san,” Hyuga said with pleading eyes as he tried to reason with her, “Not like this!”

“You can fucking kill me if you like,” she replied, “but not until this asshole spills.”

The four of them remained motionless in the standoff, each of them breathing hard as they considered their next move. Sheffield remained against the wall but eerily calm, meeting Misato’s raging eyes with an icy stare of his own. “You want answers, colonel,” Sheffield told her in a normal tone of voice, “answers you will not get by putting a hole in my head.”

“Then I’ll have the satisfaction of at least killing the one responsible for the death of my pilot.”

“If you want that there’s a silver-haired boy that’s first on the list,” said Vinson, “followed by some fat cocksucker in a vision enhancer. Shooting up our own in stupid recriminations is just what the other guys want, Colonel.” He tried a more softer tone of voice, albeit still with his pistol pointed at her head. “Would your Kaji take this approach?”

She didn’t look back at Vinson but gave him a cold reply: “If my Kaji needed to make it happen both of you would be dead already!”

“And we would then lose the war,” said Sheffield. “I highly doubt that’s what he would intend.” Showing surprising resolve, Sir John then slowly approached Misato. “He’s there now, isn’t he?” he asked her. “At SEELE’s base?”

“I don’t know where he is!”

“Yes, you do,” said Sir John. “We all have our secrets, don’t we? Such as having Captain Ibiki attempting to contact the MAGI on her own?”

“That’s her job,” said Misato as she kept her pistol aimed at Sheffield.

“Certainly if it’s NERV business she can disclose that she’s managed to at least contact the core of the system,” continued Sir John, “yet she’s not told anyone about her actual progress.”

“I don’t ask what she does on her own time,” Misato defended. “If Maya feels she needs to reach out to me she will.”

Sheffield persisted, hoping that by bringing up Maya he could throw Misato off her guard. “Where is Mr. Kaji now, Colonel? If we’re going to have no secrets between us let’s get everything out in the open, shall we?”

Misato paused for a few seconds as the room got quiet again, and then she dropped her other shoe. “Commander Vinson,” she asked, “if you were in charge of NERV-2 security, how did Erin Forrestal get five hundred kilometers to the California mountains where her brother was? I don’t think she walked there on her own.”

Vinson said nothing at first but just took a deep breath. “I didn’t let her go if that’s what you’re asking.”

“But he did, didn’t he?” said Misato as she motioned to Sheffield with her gun. “He picked her up and then moved her there so she could contact with Patrick. How could you not know about that?”

“Because when Sir John Sheffield asks for a favor I try not to ask why,” Vinson replied, and then explained: “Johnnie had found out something that her father was hiding and thought planting her there could fish it out. We found the other pilot but Daddy Forrestal caught on to us, and hid the girl before we could get her back.”

Misato changed the subject again. “What about Omega?” she asked both of them. “On one hand he’s got this great insight as to when SEELE attacks yet he didn’t give any warnings about today. Why?”

Sheffield looked at her reluctantly. “He’s been impeded,” he said, “he’s either unable or unwilling to respond.”

“You mean they’ve compromised him, too,” Misato replied.

“No, colonel, that I seriously doubt. Not him.”

“And why not?” she asked. Sheffield remained silent, instead just meeting her gaze.

Misato let the silence hang in the air for another minute as the standoff continued, and then played her final card. “Patrick saw something in those dreams he wasn’t supposed to, didn’t he?” she asked Sir John. The general still said nothing.

“He saw Omega, didn’t he?” Misato asked Sir John.  “But how would he know who Omega was unless it was someone he had already known from before.”  Sheffield still remained silent but behind her Vinson let out a long breath.  It took just a few seconds to put together what Misato was suggesting.

“Oh, shit,” Vinson said. “No wonder, Johnnie! Omega’s his uncle!”

Sheffield looked at Misato, giving her a half-smile. “Well Colonel Katsuragi, you worked that out on your own or did director Kaji suggest this?”

“I won’t take credit it for all of it, but I wondered why you’d want to keep that hidden from the rest of us?”

Vinson put his pistol down and set it on his desk. “She’s not the only one who's not happy,” he told Sir John as he folded his arms. The commander’s actions let Sheffield know he was no longer supported in the room, and Vinson wanted to be sure he knew why. “Johnnie, I could understand wanting to keep Omega’s identity secret but at least don’t jeopardize the rest of our security…”

Sheffield cut him off. “In the Second World War rather than let the Nazis know we had cracked their code, the Prime Minister once let an entire city get bombed to the ground. They asked him after the war if he had felt it was worth it and he said yes, without any reluctance.  He was willing to do what ever it took to achieve victory.”

Vinson ignored Sheffield's excuse. “Raising us down to the ground so you can keep your source secret is hardly an even tradeoff,” he said, his voice now becoming even more stern.

“You fight the battles,” quipped Sir John, “I'll win the war. If you want to bring down the dragon, you need someone in the right spot, at the right time, and the right place. Only Omega could deliver this to us. Decades of careful, painstaking effort has gone into making it to this one opportunity.”

“Meanwhile half the planet dies in Second Impact...” Misato interrupted.

That was unavoidable,” said Sheffield, now sounding more defensive. “Sound the warning and not only would it have still occurred but none of us would have been here to prevent worse from happening!”

Misato took a step closer, the sights on her pistol beaded in on Sheffield's head. “I really don't like how you and Omega just plays people like chess pieces,” she said, “just trading off pawns to put your own pieces in position.”

“At least he's in position. He's in check with the enemy king now, and one more move will make it checkmate,” answered Sir John. “Colonel, you really have no idea how long this game has been going on, have you? This didn't start when the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, this didn't even start when they were written!”

“And aren't we in such benefit to your manipulating...”

“Kill me if you want, Colonel,” said the general, “But you're a fool if you don't see the greater plan here.”  Sir John then looked to Vinson. “I'm sorry, Robert. Truthfully we couldn't trust anyone, not even you, with the full story.”

“I'm sorry, too,” the commander said. “Captain Hyuga?”

Hyuga, who was frozen stiff in fear as the others were in the standoff, came to attention. “Yes, sir?”

“Have the general put in detention,” he told him, “and keep it quiet. Japanese personnel only, no one from the Alliance side among his guards. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” said Hyuga. Vinson then gave his pistol to Hyuga, who then pointed it at Sheffield. “Let's go,” he said to him, trying to sound stern.

“There's no need for harshness, Captain, I'll go willingly, “ said Sir John. Hyuga looked at Vinson who just quietly nodded, and then Hyuga tucked the pistol into the back of his waistbelt. “This way,” he said to the general and led him out of Vinson's office.  As Sheffield was marched out he glanced once more at Vinson, who only looked at him with dead eyes. After the two men left, Misato finally lowered her pistol and the two of them let out a giant sigh.

“Not the method of interrogation I would have suggested, Colonel, “ Vinson said to her. He gave a broken smile to Misato. “I'm not sure if I should court marshal you or give you a medal?”

“Either way I don't care but my kids are in danger,” she replied.  “He only told us what he wanted us to know,” Misato continued. “We still don't have the full story.”

“And we probably won't, at least not from him.” the commander rubbed his head in frustration. “I get the world he lives in, I really do,” he continued, “but sometimes they lose their souls in this, forget who's on their own side and why we're fighting.  If the twins did have a link that does explain something else.”

Misato knew what that was. “If Patrick could see her, it also means she could see Patrick. Here we were worried about infiltration but through him they had a front-row seat to everything we were doing.”

“It certainly explains a lot, including why they would take him before their attack today. The commander sighed again. “Let's clean up the mess and get moving. Where exactly is Colonel Kaji, anyway?”

Misato reached inside of her jacket and gave Vinson the envelope that Kaji had handed to her before he left. “I haven't opened it myself,” she told him. “Maybe he was right to worry.”

Vinson took the envelope and opened it, reading it and then handing it back to Misato. On the note was written:


68 09 54 N 16 35 33 E

She saw the map coordinates and took a guess on where it was located. “Scandinavia, isn't it?”

Vinson knew the name. “Norway. Stetind was where the Nazis hid some of their atomic program during World War II. There's massive caves carved in rock underneath, as well as an underground volcano. A perfect hiding place and natural fortress.” He looked up at her. “There's a lot to do, Colonel, but I didn't want to at least approach one subject at the moment.”

“Yes, sir?”

“Your initial request when you signed on with us. It was, as I recall, 'get the truth out no matter what,' correct?”

She nodded. “Yes, it was. I don't want to be part of anything that's afraid to show its true face to the world. Too many people have died from secrets that should be told.”

“Yet you do agree that we can't tell everything that we know,” said the Admiral. “Do you want to tell the  world what the secret of the EVA is?”

“No,” Misato said with some regret in her voice. “No one would understand that, and I don't want to ruin whatever chance the pilots have at a normal life after this. But everything else is fair game.”

Vinson nodded. “Agreed, then. I think today changed my mind about a few things and this is one of them. We still need to keep focused on winning, Colonel Katsuragi, but once this is over I assure you that you will have access to whatever you need and the rights to publish it, with some understandable restrictions.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said to him, and then “Admiral, if they've got Unit 01 now and there's no telling now many other Harpies they might have made by this point...”

“You think they're trying to re-do Third Impact?”

“Yes, sir. We need to move now.”

“We're in no shape to go after them at the moment, Colonel. I agree with you, time is not at all our friend here but flinging ourselves against their battlements with whatever we have left isn't going to win it for us. Do whatever it takes to get ready, but we'll attack when we've got the strength to and not just in rushed desperation.”

“Admiral, what happens if they do it now?”

“If they could do it now we would have seen a repeat of three months ago and they would have come at us with ten EVAs instead of just one. They're not ready either, Colonel, but we have to stop them before they can be. Clear?”


“Then let's roll,” said the Admiral.



Still in the darkness, the first thing Patrick heard were voices that were like echoes inside of his head.

“Critical hit on Unit 01!”

He shook his head to try and get himself awake, but it still felt heavy as a rock. He couldn’t open his eyes or move. What the hell is this? he wondered. Slowly the images came to him, first just as bright lights and then later forming into shapes and objects as the sounds of battle erupted around him.

“Fire all inside gun and missile batteries at the enemy now!”

After another moment his vision became more clear and he knew he was in the entry plug of his EVA.  He saw the images on the display in front of him.  They were in the Geofront, in the interior. Directly in front of his EVA was Unit 01. It was kneeling as in contorted pain, a giant spear sticking out of its side.

“Unit 04, don’t just sit there, get your goddamn ass in gear or at least stand down.”

“Unit 08 is closing with the target!”

Standing next to Unit 01 was another EVA, this one in dark blue. Behind it a glowing blueish-white tentacle was whishing out like a tail.

Another EVA approached the blue beast in the center, this one colored in olive green with yellow chevrons.  The Evangelion fired a giant autocannon at the blue unit but hexagonal AT fields spread all around and rebuffed all of the shots.

 “Shinji! I’ll save you!”

“No! Aida-kun, back away from it! It’s too dangerous!”

 “I can’t just leave him there to die!”

“Kensuke!” Patrick recognized. Reflexively he tried to move the EVA towards him but found that she wouldn’t respond. He tried to reach for the actuators but nothing happened, it was as if he was just floating in the entry plug like a ghost and couldn’t touch or move anything.

 “Kensuke, you don’t have to do this to impress me! Pats, get him out of there!”

“The enemy unit is attacking EVA-08!”  

 “Kensuke, get away now! You can’t hold it back!”

In front of him Patrick could see Kensuke’s EVA try to use his own AT field to repulse his attacker.  Patrick concentrated hard, trying to do something, anything, to get his EVA moving.

 “Kensuke! Forget the field, just get going now! Run away, damn it!

Got to get moving somehow, Patrick thought.  What is going on in my head?


He looked in front of him and saw the glowing blue tentacle of the enemy coil up like the head of a snake, and then suddenly plunge right through Unit 08’s AT field.


The tip of the light stream sliced right through the interior abdomen of EVA-08, coming in the front and neatly out the back. There was a giant stream of LCL that flooded out both sides as it punctured Kensuke’s EVA and then suddenly a bright flash.  Patrick could feel his EVA shudder from the shock waves of the explosion.

Oh, God! No, no, NO! Patrick tried to scream out Kensuke’s name but he found that the words couldn’t come out.  He struggled to find a way to do anything but felt disconnected with everything around him, it felt like he was completely paralyzed and couldn’t move.

On the display of the entry plug Mari appeared on a video channel. Her face was flush red, angered and distressed in a way Patrick had never seen her be before.

“Patrick! What the hell’s wrong with you! Why are you just standing around?”

Mari’s emotions went from anger to shock as she saw something on the other side of the video channel, something that terrified her.

“Oh, no! Control! EVA-04 is…”

The video screen abruptly cut off.  From the main display Patrick then saw Mari’s EVA battle furiously with the blue unit. Despite her mighty struggles, the enemy again used its energy weapon to devastating effect, slicing off a leg from Unit 05. Transforming her unit into something that looked strange and beastly, Mari again tried to attack the blue EVA but was unable to reach it let alone strike at it. The glowing blue tentacle coiled up again for another strike.

Patrick tried to warn her, but he just couldn’t make any sound. Mari! Mari! Watch out! MARI!

“EVA-05 has catastrophic damage!”

“Mari! MARI!!!”

The sight of EVA-05 exploding made Patrick deathly cold and he screamed in horror. ”MARI!!!”

His eyes opened and he found himself lying down. His breath was heavy and he had a cold sweat on his brow. He closed his eyes for a minute and drove his index fingers into his palms hard, which was Patrick’s own way of ensuring he was awake.

Damn, that was a pretty strong nightmare. Haven’t had one of those in a while…

As he fully woke up, Patrick felt a very strong chill.  The room he was now in was freezing cold and was very unfamiliar to him, dimly lit with gray concrete walls and floors.  The boy slowly looked around and within an instant of seeing his new surroundings knew immediately he was not at NERV.

Where am I? What happened?

Patrick saw that his clothes were removed and he was instead wearing a very shabby jumpsuit of light blue. He had no shoes or socks against the cold concrete floor, but saw an old pair of leather slippers by the bed he was lying in. He eased himself out of the bed’s rough mattress and saw a metal sink and toilet to one side of a wall.

It’s a prison cell, he realized, but where?

Looking to another side of the room, he noticed that the fourth wall was not concrete but instead clear Plexiglas that looked nearly a foot thick. He could see a steel wall through the glass and on that wall was an illustration painted in white, which consisted of a human skull. Above it was another design, one that Patrick knew all too well: the seven-eyed mask of Jehovah, the symbol of SEELE.

He immediately rushed to the Plexiglas wall and furiously pounded on it. The wall reverberated with his strikes but otherwise remained solid.  No one came inside the room, the only thing there inside was him and three cameras that were hanging from the ceiling, with tiny red LED lights above each one flickering at him. After a full minute of him thrashing against the wall Patrick stopped. At first he screamed at the top of his lungs, and then he put his head against the wall and banged it slowly in frustration. He closed his eyes and grimaced as his worst fears were realized.

Erin took the EVA: she tricked me into getting her down to the cages and then they must have knocked me out and put me inside. She was with these bastards all along!

He slowly slid down the edge of the outside wall, the chills became strong for him now as all of the pieces came together in his mind.

That nightmare…that wasn’t a dream! I was watching through her eyes just like I did before, but this time she was the pilot of the EVA. And she just sat there while Shinji and Kensuke and Mari were…they were…oh, no…no...please not them…

He put his arms around himself and squeezed tightly, his only comfort from the full realization of what had happened at Tokyo-3. Patrick cried alone in the cell as he sat against the wall, his back to the glass.

Oh, God, what have I done?

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