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Chapter 1 Revision

Posted by godaironin on August 3, 2010 at 1:38 AM

I've done a rewrite of Chapter 1, mostly to smooth it out. Chapter 1 was the very first thing I wrote for the story, and the original version reflected me at my earlier skill level. I was never really happy with it and felt it needed some serious tweaking, especially after seeing some readers drop off the story at FFN.  As a result of the changes I think it flows better, and the character's actions make a bit more sense.  Anyway, it's up on the site and I'll start modifying the story whereever else its posted.

A couple of other notes, one is that there could be some more commission art for the story coming this Fall. Will post when that's more complete. The other is that the final beta read of Story #2 is finally in progress so we could see this online in September. Later than I planned but that's fine.

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