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Finally Updated

Posted by godaironin on June 20, 2009 at 1:44 PM
After a long period of editing and re-writing, a process that probably took most of a year, Blue Rose is finished.  The version you see here, apart from any remaining tweaks for grammar, is the final version. 
Most of the changes between the version that I posted here last year and the current version are in writing style and grammar, as I tried very hard to tighten up the prose.  This story was originally in script format, so it took some doing to convert it.
There are some substantive changes from the earlier draft, namely Chapter 12 had one section edited and another completely re-written, to provide a more personal and meaningful climax.
I have learned a lot from the process, and not just about writing.  After reviewing everything here, I truly do have to say I have put in my heart and soul into this piece of work  It's about EVA, but  not just about EVA. The story has a lot to say about those of us who often find ourselves adrift on the seas of life, and how we find our way to shore.
If you're a fan of Evangelion, please give this story a try: I think you'll find it quite a bit different from the usual FanFics that abound.  I assure you your patience will be rewarded. If you read Boyfriend of Steel last year, please also give Blue Rose a read, as there are many, many changes between those version.  And as always, any feedback from readers is highly appreciated.

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