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Evangelion 1.+++

Posted by godaironin on July 3, 2009 at 12:26 AM
This weekend Anime Expo will debut the Evangelion 1.0 English dub, done by Funimation.  This is a preview: the actual movie becomes available in November on DVD (no word on BluRay).

It took nearly two years to get EVA to an official US release, which is really a tragedy considering how good the film is.  I'm sure part of the delay is that ADV Films probably had the initial rights, but couldn't fork up the licensing fee.  That put EVA in limbo until another bidder, such as Funimation or Bandai USA could pay what is no doubt a huge license for the film.

Fortunately, the Hong Kong subtitle copy is quite good, and I got my copy months ago.  This is very suggested way of getting this kind of media if you have a DVD player that can take Region 3 discs. Of course, not everyone has one of these....

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