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Posted by godaironin on April 16, 2011 at 1:16 AM

Due to increasing demans from work and also from a desire to spend more time with my family, I am going on a hiatus from writing EVA fan fiction at this moment.

Originally there were plans on a third story for Blue Rose. However, response from story #2 was muted: while it got a fair amount of traffic on FFN, there were no actual reviews posted which to me indicates a lack of impact. I need to determine what went wrong here.

In any case this is a critical time for my family and at this moment I'll put the FanFics to rest for now. Hopefully I can pick it up again if conditions change, but probably not until at least after this Summer.

If you do stumble along this website, please give these stories a good try. They represent a major effort on my part to increase the quality of the available FanFiction for Evangelion. If you are looking for one or two very good stories that are true to the characters and themes in EVA, and something that doesn't look like every other time-twisting, romance-slashing, Mary Sue bizzare crossover fanfict you bump into on the web,you've at least come to the right place. Please enjoy!

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