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Blue Rose #2 Completed

Posted by godaironin on September 29, 2010 at 2:07 AM

Today is the day I sign off on Blue Rose #2. While there may still be some tweaks for grammar, etc. I have finalized the draft and created a final version of the story. As I did with the first story, there was a name change at the last minute: Sacrifices of the Heart. I did this largely as there was another EVA fanfic entitled Redemption that I didn't want to conflict with. As it is I'm happy with the new title.

Starting this week I will roll out the story chapter by chapter here, as well as on,, and It's at about 26 chapters, so it will take the rest of 2010 to publish the story on the various sites.

I've also started on #3, and I am moving ahead at a fairly brisk clip.  #3 is the largest of the stories, and will probably budget at about 175,000 words, which makes it epic, if I don't cut down a bit. Unlike #1 and #2, story #3 is intended to be read in a serial form, due to its length, so I will slowly release the story throughout all of 2011.

I took my time polishing this one: it was actually completed in rough form in early June, but I gave it beta readers and then started to work on the tweaks around August.  The story itself is set within End of Evangelion, which presented a significant challenge while writing to try to capture EoEs epic feel while at the same time spining my own story and then setting up the next one.

Story #3 is, in fact, the story that I've wanted to write since I started on Blue Rose. For those looking for a true sequel to EVA that is satisfying and helpful in filling in the gaps left for us in the original show, while at the same time going in a new, fresh direction, this is the one. Hopefully I can satisfy expectations (incluidng my own) with the new story.

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