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Redemption Rough Draft complete

Posted by godaironin on May 21, 2010 at 4:07 PM

As of yesterday the rough draft of Redemption, the Blue Rose sequel, is completed. The text-only version finally clocked in at 200 pages, with 100,000 words. That's about 60% larger than Blue Rose. The rough is now sent to the beta readers for their work and hopefully I'll be working on a final draft by next month, and still on schedule to finish completely by July.


Compared to Blue Rose the new story is much more epic in scale, as it takes place during the events of End of Evangelion (and you don't get more epic than that!). While there have been innumberable sequels to EVA, there have been only a few to take on EoE in a major way, and this story will follow the major players plus a new group that's being introduced that has it out for both NERV and SEELE. My goal was to give EoE a very different ending and I do believe that's happened!


Hopefully I will have a finished version by July and then I will alter the website to allow access to both stories. There are still plans for a third and final story, but one thing at a time!





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