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Posted by godaironin on September 7, 2008 at 2:43 AM
About EvaFics: after submitting the story, I got back negative input from their editors - apparently they weren't at all happy with the dialog style, and some other problems.  Given that I want the biggest readership for this thing, I'm happy to oblige them, so I am in the midst of another re-write and edit, mostly to "dress up" the dialog, much of which currently has a "script" style that reads more like a screenplay than a story. 

Things in my office are hectic, slow economy, etc, but hopefully I'll have all of the story changes made by the end of September, if not before, and then the story will have new exposure on what's probably the most read of the English-language EVA fan fiction sites that's out there.

The changes will also include two new segments that fill in more backstory on the American pilots, which I think is needed and goes to answering some reader questions, as well as providing that "epic" feeling.  Once this is complete and accepted on the other sites, I'll post the edited version here.

Also, I've made the decision that there will be another story, set with the same characters and continuing the scenario that was laid out in BFOS.   The plot is still being determined, but it will roughly start when Kaji is shot, and mostly take place during the events portrayed in End of Evangelion.  Yes, there will be a new ending in this FF.  And Yes, Patrick Forrestal and EVA-04 will be back.

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