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Evangelion 2.0

Posted by godaironin on September 7, 2008 at 2:57 AM
It's been over one year since Rebuild of EVA 1.0 premiered on the wide screen in Japan.  For an anime film, it did quite well both critically and at the box office, and when it was released on DVD in April, it became one of the top-selling DVDs in Japan.  It's been shown a few times at cons here in the states, but as of now there is still no official US license for the film.  ADV Films, the ones that brought EVA to the 'States, are now in dire financial straits, and no one else has made any type of announcement regarding interest in licensing, thought there's been scuttlebut about either Bandai or Sony (?!) getting the US DVD rights.

The other big question on fan's minds, both here and in Japan, is the release date for the next film, Rebuild 2.0.  Chara, Hideki Anno's production company, has remained very silent about a release date, and it's not clear if the delay is due to production issues, funding (unlikely, given the financial success of the film), or due to Yuko Miyamura's (Asuka's voice actress) recent medical trouble with Graves' Disease. 

Normally in Japan, anime is voice cast in ensemble form, where the whole cast is in the recording booth and records the audio together, where here in the US, each individual actor records separately, and usually not in conjunction with the others.  Also, Anno, taking a cue from his live action experience, actually records his cast before the animation is done, and then draws around the performance, the exact opposite of most of the anime industry. So if Ms. Miyamura has been unavailable, it would appear to gum things up a bit.  I have no doubt we'll see 2.0, but probably not until Spring of 2009.

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