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Posted by godaironin on September 30, 2008 at 1:56 AM
Life and work have been keeping me busy for this month, so no updates to the site since the last blog post.  Just to keep up with events:

1) There's a major story revision underway, with about six new or expanded scenes, nearly all of which are backstory for Patrick and Vance.  There's also a style revision for the dialogue, which many didn't like how it was handled, especially in the earlier chapters.  The plan was to finish by Oct 1, but because that's Wednesday, it's unlikely I'll even have the draft revision finished until Oct 3 or later.  I'm looking at posting new text up by the middle of October.

2) Supposedly I've contracted for original fanart for the story, and I'm supposed to see the first two images by the end of the month, but that hasn't happened yet either.  Hopefully I'll have something by next month there too.

3) What's next?  I've decided on the next two stories, one of which is set in End of Evangelion, and other set as a true sequel.  The first of these is in outline form, and won't be fleshed out for a rough draft until the end of the year, with a final publishing date of Summer 2009.  I give myself that much time as it will be about double the length of BFOS.  However, I've made it the goal to at least start work on Story #2, and outline Story #3 by this year.

4) Finally, I had a bit of a "Shinji" moment, which I'm going to detail in another post, but suffice to say emotionally I went a little too far down the deep end of the pool last week.  I want to share it with readers here, so everyone can know sort of where I'm coming from with the writing, and why EVA is so important to me, but suffice to say it was more than a bit frightening.  I take solace in that Hideki Anno had a similar issue, and somehow resolved it.  More on this later.

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