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Posted by godaironin on November 4, 2008 at 2:47 AM
It's been a while since I've posted. At work I've had one of the busiest months ever, mostly as several customers converged at once and all placed orders.  This is good, at least we'll have a good Christmas this year.

Of course, as a result, the re-write has been slowed down a bit, but it's still ongoing.  I figure I'm about 75% done with it, and then it goes to Haru for editing.  I've added several new scenes as I expected, as well as expanded significantly on Patrick's backstory.  Hopefully I'll have a completely worthy work by Thanksgiving, enough to re-submit to EFO.

Work will likely take up more time, as we are starting both a side chemical business, and working to expand our company's reach into direct retail sales (something we've been reluctant to do until now). I haven't given up on writing, but it do have to pace it a bit.

The current plan is, after BFOS is finished (again, around Thanksgiving now), to work on the following

1) A set of three short stories (and I mean around 1 to 3 chapters in length, no epics), each centered on one of the pilots (Rei, Asuka, & Shinji).  The stories are all set in the original NGE universe, no AU or crossovers.  Also, they won't link to BFOS directly (though they don't disrupt the continuity either).  These are all dramas, or comedy-drama-type stories, mostly.

2) Evangelion: Alpha & Omega: this is the epic.  If BFOS's rewrite is well-received, then we will continue with the story we begain there.  As I've mentioned in earlier postings, one story is the "redirect" and partly takes place during End of Evangelion, the second story is a true sequel.  Patrick Forrestal's character is central to both stories, so obviously if BFOS is not well received then it's time to reconsider the plot.

In any case, hopefully I'll have all three short stories done by spring '09, and then an outline for A&O sometime after that.  And then, a lot will depend on available time and interest. 

If there's not a lot of time for an epic (which with work commitments I fear is likely), I did work out a contingency story that works as firm conclusion to BFOS, sort of a "double epilogue" that condenses a lot of what I wanted to do in A&O.  At least, some way to work out the "what if" that the story posits. 

In any case, if anyone's bothering to read this, please check back by the end of November - I should have the new version posted by then.

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