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Rei image from 3.0

Posted by godaironin on February 8, 2012 at 12:10 AM

Well, so much for frequent posts...

For about 1/2 second in the trailer following Evangelion: 2.22 we're shown this image of Rei:


While it certainly looks very cute, there's a lot of cryptic stuff thrown into that image.

For starters, if you're at all familiar with the original EVA TV series, you'll know that Rei's uniform is the one she wears in the "fantasy" world in Episode 26 (which is also the basis for Angelic Days manga and the Girlfriend of Steel 2 game).  The "Rei" in that fantasy had a very different personality than the one we all know. The picture here shows what looks like the Rei we all know, which begs why is she wearing that uniform and is there a link between the "Fantasy" of Episode 26 and the films?

Then of course, there's all of those "little Reis" that are behind her. I love the image, as it shows big Rei protecting the smaller ones. But who are the smaller ones? Are these additional Rei clones? Or something else?

To me the big question of the picture is this: just how much does Rei really know about what's going in the films? Certainly a lot more than the other pilots, and possibly a lot more than anyone else as well.

Rei really is the key to everything in Evangelion, and to understand it you really need to get to know her. My hope in these stories is to help you see this, and in doing so to also look at your own heart in the process.

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