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Posted by godaironin on August 4, 2008 at 7:18 PM Comments comments (0)
Posted the story last night on at midnight.  Traffic in the last 16 hours has been fairly brisk, with over 100 unique readers and about 5-6 reviews.  Gratifying that there's an audience for this sort of thing.

Oh, and someone finally got the name in-joke!

Also, the story was submitted to  Their policy is to screen out fiction carefully, to get better quality pieces. So I've submitted the prologue and hopefully I'll hear back from them within a week if it's OK to post the rest. 

I may make one final change to the story and add more backstory to Patrick and Vance. It would be done as a flashback while Patrick is visiting Shinji in his apartment.  This is mostly in preparation for story #2, and there will be a story #2.  I don't think I'll have it ready until the end of the month, however, which is about the same time as the FanArt commission will be ready.


Posted by godaironin on July 29, 2008 at 4:54 PM Comments comments (1)

Had some feedback from one of the FF sites today that was fairly positive.  Some of the criticism came for the ending, which admittedly is pretty ambigous (and therefore, appropriate for EVA).  Otherwise complete strangers like the story, which is a good thing overall.

Had some discussion with HaganeOokami over the "next" step and I've considered a number of options for a second effort.

#1) Expansion of BFOS: several readers have suggested there should be more background on the American side of the EVA program. That fits with the original story concept from long ago, but I cut out large swaths mostly to keep the story pace fast and fluid.  I have started considering adding "flashback" scenes to BFOS that fill in more of the details. That would effectively make for an expanded story (from 10 chapters to 12 to 13), and meaning that I would do a "version 2."

#2) Grand Expansion: this turns BFOS from a one-shot to a full-blown epic, something that I had prepared for when I started writing. This would vastly expand the story from 10 to 25 or more chapters, and touches on EoE (which is daring, to say the least).   I've got an outline already prepared for this, but the main issue is if readers can accept Rei paired with someone other than Shinji. A lot of that depends on reader reception of BFOS in its current form. If there's enough demand for it I might do it, though it would take about a year to finish with my schedule. I probably would change the title if I'm going to that extent.

#3) "Shadow of the Past:"  Another one-shot story concept, but this one is smaller than BFOS, and is largely a drama/mystery (not much action).  The jist of the story (set in the original series) is that Rei is kidnapped, and taken to a remote village in western Japan to see a dying old woman, who has an unusual interest in her.  Through the experience Rei has a bit of an identity crisis. The Who and Why are part of the story.  Probably 5-6 chapters if I do it.

#4) "Discoveries."  Another one-shot story, and also a drama/mystery.  The story centers on three students in Class 2-A who are NOT in the main cast. One of the three begins to put together the what should be already freaking obvious fact that none of the students in that class have a living mother.  That discovery triggers a reaction that no one counted on.  Explains a bit on how the "truth" in EVA is kept away from those not in the inner circle, and what happens when you get too close to it.  Probably 6-7 chapters. This one is a tough sell because it none of the cast are main characters in the story.

Readers might have guessed that I don't do EVA stories in AU.  Mostly this is because there are too many of them already in FF-land and nothing I do is going to add value to what's already there.  But writing within the confines of the original series (which already has an incredible wealth of material) challenges me more.  Hopefully that helps me work harder to get a story others can feel satisfied reading.

Posted by godaironin on July 22, 2008 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)
If you're coming here from EvaGeeks, welcome!  On that board my handle is Grand Duke of Yashima.  Please feel free to read the story and comment here or PM me afterwards, I appreciate all feedback.  Thanks!

Final Edits

Posted by godaironin on July 22, 2008 at 2:52 AM Comments comments (0)
 After some time, Haganeookami made her final comments and edits on the story.  I've altered a few passages, mostly for grammar and clarification, so the version posted on the web today is the final one. 

I'll link to first (where my handle is Grand Duke of Yashima), sometime within the next few days, and then start diffusing this story on the web through the various FF sites.

Also, I've commissioned some fan art to go along with the story, so perhaps in a month there'll actually be two original art pieces along with this.


Posted by godaironin on June 23, 2008 at 6:57 PM Comments comments (0)
Welcome to Boyfriend of Steel.  This Evangelion fan fiction was a year's worth of work from a guy with a very busy schedule, who nonetheless really liked Evangelion and wanted to try his hand at fan fiction.

You can read the story here and also read more about how and why the story was written in the Writer's Notes.

Fans of NGE will immediately note the title of the story as a twist on an infamous Evangelion video game (it's actually more of an interactive story) that was released shortly after Evangelion came out in Japan.  In Girlfriend of Steel, Shinji Ikari finds himself the target of the affections of a new classmate, Mana Kirishima, who is not all that she appears to be.  While I wasn't that fond of the story, I liked the situation it presented and thought it would be interesting to twist it around, while at the same time covering one of the biggest mysteries of Evangelion: the disappearance of EVA Unit 04.

In any case, this story should have a little something for everyone, and especially for those who have a fondness for Rei Ayanami.  I highly encourage feedback so please feel free to add to the comments page after you're done reading.  Thanks!