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A year has past

Posted by godaironin on June 20, 2016 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (182)

It's been a year since I've last updated this blog, mostly as I'm tried to re-direct traffic for The Blue Rose stories to our new Facebook page. But since we've posted last this much has occured:

1) The Blue Rose is now on" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Facebook, with frequent posting and chapter previews to fully support the reader base.

2) A fourth story, Play to Remember, was published in late 2015 and is now available on" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> We will update this page later on to reflect the new story.

3) A series of new artwork commissions has been done, and we've included a few here in the image gallery.

4) All of the Blue Rose stories are now on" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> as well as FFN.

5) The Blue Rose is in the process of being translated into French.

Progress continues on a new story, The Other Side of Me, that mirrors the events in the three Blue Rose stories and largely focuses on Erin Forrestal.  This will be published starting in July 2016. There are expectations for at least one or two more stories as time and energy permit.

Thanks for the continued support of our readers as we do truly appreciate your interest and feedback. 

Website tweaks

Posted by godaironin on January 4, 2015 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (5)

Final adjustments to the website to get the third story posted. We're using to contruct the page and unfortunately changed formatting tools mid-stream through the project so some pages will not look consistent with others. Oh, well. At least it's now all finally up, with graphics on most if not all pages.

3rd Story Complete!

Posted by godaironin on December 3, 2014 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (9)

I've sadly neglected while putting all effort into completing Blue Rose #3: The Awakening. As of November 25th, Story #3 is happily finished and I'm  now back to reinforcing this site to support what are now a battery of good EVA novels and novellas.

In the coming months I will be making a few changes to this website in order to better support the works that I've at the moment. These include.

* Completion of The Awakening on this website with images. - unfortunately changed their web design engine which screws up how I've been embedding the art within text. As a result the last arc of Awakening will look different than the rest, but there's no way around unless I actually learn XML and submit my own code.

* Adding to the Image gallery. I've gotten a few commissions for Blue Rose related artwork, but I will also put more of my very extensive collection of EVA-relaetd art online.

* Blue Rose WIKI. There will be a wiki of key characters, locations and units, etc hosted here again in support fo the Blue Rose series.

I expect to have Story #3 hosted by January, and then we'll post to the image gallery and wiki as time permits. The entire Blue Rose project is to be completed in late 2015 in conjunction with the release of Evangelion: Final in Japan.

The Blue Rose 3 Third Act

Posted by godaironin on January 24, 2014 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (14)

I've started to post the remaining chapters to the Third Act of BR3, we should have that portion of the story up by early March and then at FFN a few weeks later. Work is also proceeding on the Forth Act, which will be the climax of the story, followed by resolutions and conclusions. I'm giving nothing away except that I don't expect to have the Fourth Act in any publishable form until late spring. If the conclusions take as long as they might this story might not be complete until Fall of this year, meaning it took two years to post all of the fifty-or so chapters of the complete story.

My web host has changed their on-line tool set and made it a bit more difficult to embed graphics wthin text, at least not without a lot of re-arranging. What I'll probably do is come up with the story first then go back and insert pictures as soon as I figure out how to do it better.

While doing this I've though to my self, should I continue onto another EVA story or move on, and I'm wonding about really closing it off at the end of BR3. More and more story ideas get into my head for other worlds, and at some point it will be time to say goodbye to Rei, Patrick, and their friends. If that's the case I'm likely to put in as much of a conclusion as possible. I've also got the idea to add a wiki, as there as so many new characters, places, and things within the new stories. This might be a project for later as I wrap up the novel I'm working on now.

Pacific Rim vs. Evangelion

Posted by godaironin on July 24, 2013 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (2)

I saw Pacific Rim two weeks ago and I am still floored. It's an incredible film, managing to capture the inspiration of Japanese Tokusatsus while fusing it with Western blockbuster syle. It's a powerful work, capturing you quickly and making you really cheer for the characters on-screen. There's a certain amount of bad-asssery in PR that you don't seen in the recent set of comic-book based tentpole films (all of which to me have a certain amount of sameness to them), and while, yes, the film has big flaws that certain attitude made watching PR such an enjoyable experience.

A lot has been made of comparison between Pacific Rim and Evangelion, both in style and substance. It's not unheard of for Hollywood to "iift" movie concepts from scrips that get shuttled around and EVA went through a period before the Rebuild films where AD Vision was shopping for a studio to make a live-action version. Wheither or not Warner Brothers decided to copy part of EVA, or if Mr. Del Toro did it himself isn't going to be known but there's just enough between the two to invite serious comparisons.

The basic premise between the films is roughtly the same. Both deal with apocalyptic conflicts between men and gigantic meta-creatures that can't be defeated by convention means. Both involve an para-military organization to operate their mecha units from a fortress city.  The units themeslves invite direct comparisons, as Pacific Rim's Jaegars require a mental link to effectively pilot, and pilots function out of individualized capsules and wear specialized pressure suits for the job. As Jaegar's are too large for an individual pilot to contorl, two pilots sync to merge together with themselves and with the mecha as a fighting team. 

There's less similiarities with the characters, although there's certainly some strong "hints" at EVA there too. Mako Mori is a fusion of Rei, Asuka, and Misato: she has Misato's backstory (parents killed by monsters), she's raised by the commander in a manner that resembles Rei's relationship with Gendo, and fights both inside and outside the Jagear with a high degree of proficiency (resembling Asuka) but also with a deep personal weakness (also like Asuka). Certainly Del Toro gave Mako-chan short-cropped hair with blue highlights as a shoutout to EVA's Rei (not to mention her very gentle voice and manner). That Mako-chan's voice actor in the Japanese dub is none other than Megumi Hayashibara certainly makes the connection even more clear.

Pacific Rim differs from Evangelion however in having a more light and positive tone. The film looked like EVA but at times it felt more like another legendary giant mecha show from Studio GAINAX: Gurren Lagann. Certainly Stacker Pentecost borrowed all sorts of attitude from Lord Kamina, and the "Reach for the Heavens", kick-ass, oozing masculanity of the mechas comes right out of GL.

There's been complaints that it's somehow wrong to for Hollywood to steal stuff from EVA and make its own version of it but I don't think there's real faut for doing so as long as it's not outright infringement. Certainly anyone who likes PR (and it has a lot of solid fans here despite disappointing box office in America) and who doesn't yet know about EVA is going to find their way to Evangelion through this film and that can't be a bad thing. Also, while EVA itself is a masterpiece it's fun to see some of the classic tropes get repeated in a fun, more lighthearted way. 

Would Pacific Rim's release prevent EVA from itself becoming a film, on the basis of "it's been done already?" I somehow don' t think that would stop Hollywood from releasing an EVA film or series of films in the future as long as it thinks there's money to be made on something that's still very fresh to North American audiences.

I actually don't mind that there's not a live action EVA film, as what Evangelion does is so unique I have trouble at times picturing it as a non-animated work. Some things may be better left within anime, and EVA still continues with the Rebuild films to push the envelope of what anime can do further and further. In the meantime I now have another great work that I can enjoy right along with EVA, and that is just fine with me.

Second Story Arc of Blue Rose #3

Posted by godaironin on March 25, 2013 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (3)

The second story arc of the third Blue Rose story, conisting of chapters 17 through 29, is now complete and posted on this website. There will be some slight adjustements as I sort through minor errors and probably some updating of the graphics but the story is more or less here, and we are about fifty percent through the novel.

This is proving to be a very challenging project due to the scope and my own time restraints. As I'm writing this in stages I expect to see another update within every three to four months or so. When you do something this large (and I'm anticipating an eventual count of sixty chapters) you've got to run in stages to keep it manageable.

I will start posting to FFN by April and all throughout the spring, while also smoothing out the rough draft to the third arc which has already been written. With persistence and luck we will complete the story in 2013, but probably not until the end of the year will you see absolutely everything.

if you've been following up to now, you've seen how we've progressed in getting Rei and Patrick ever closer together, but coming on the horizon is something that will be very unexpected and it could threaten everything that's been built. Stay tuned as there's a cliff up ahead and there will be some very dramatic developments that will challenge everyone's assumptions.

Evangelion 3.0 released in Japan

Posted by godaironin on November 20, 2012 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (5)

On Saturday November 17th, the third of the New Movie Editions of Evangelion, You Can (Not) Redo, was released in Japan to record-setting crowds.  Tightly kept under wraps, there were a lot of rumors around concerning what the plot was and if there were any new characters in the new film. The prevaling assumption was that 3.0 would follow the pattern set by the preceding two films that generally followed the plotline of the original series yet introduced a relatively small number of new and remodeled elements, characters, etc. in keeping the story fresh.

When the film was actually released however there was a tsunami of fan response. Gone was the familiar structure of the original series and in its place Hideki Anno had reached into his prior experience as an animator and storyteller to completly rework his own materpiece. It is an amazingly different film than everyone had expected.

While I haven't seen the film I found that it's practically impossible to find a "spoiler-free" review, such are the degree of changes made to the storyline and to the character arcs. Yes, it's still Shinji's journey but much has changed since 2.0 ended.  If you're just reading this I won't spoil anything except to say that the man who gained notariety by breaking the mold went out and broke his own mold. It's as if the director of the films started work on the next part, muttered to himself "Oh, hell, just go for it!" and then started to flood in every crazy idea he had into the work, and then set about making it actually work.  From the result I've seen from a distance, that's exactly what he's done.

This is also the first Evangelion work since the 2011 Tohoku disaster, and that sense of dread and doom from the catastrophe has been significantly incorporated into the work.

Even from just reading the plot synopsis and seeing the initial art of the film, you can tell everything's changed dramatically but it's still EVA. The heart is still there, and it might even be stronger than ever. I cannot wait to see this film.

First Story Arc of #3 complete

Posted by godaironin on October 12, 2012 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0)

The first story arc of Blue Rose 3: The Awakening is finally complete and will posted to this site in early October. Following that I will start to post segments at FFN and other sites where I have my work.  

The third story is proving to be lengthy, the first arc alone is over 75,000 words. The second arc is currently in Alpha awaiting serious editing, while the third arc I expect to start writing the first draft in early November.

With a lot of luck and available time I'm hoping to see the third arc complete as a draft by the end of 2012, and then the rest of the story gets posted by early 2013.  Way behind schedule, but then work has really picked up as of late so we divide time as we have it.

EVA 3.0 will be out in Japan by November 17th, so my overall goal was to have all of "A" arc posted to the interwebs by then, and then "B" and "C" arcs all out by the time EVA FINAL is released in Spring 2013.

Site Redesign and Progress on Story #3

Posted by godaironin on September 7, 2012 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (1)

The website is undergoing some remodeling to create a fresh image and also prepare for Story #3. Story #3 is considerably longer than one or two, and may reach 500 total pages when finally complete. This is a full-blown Evangelion sequel/reboot and as such we are carefully working out the world of our characters.

Due to its length Story #3 is being written in three Arcs. Arc A is currently in second draft and is awaiting final beta reading. Once the beta is done we will do final edits and then post to her and to FFN, and wherever else we have posted before. Arc B is in Alpha (rough) and has just begin its first reading. I expect to have Arc B posted by the end of 2012. Arc C is the final arc and will be longer than the other two. I don't expect to start writing C until October or November, and it may not finish until Spring of '13.

Please check back here by the end of September as Story #3 should start to be posted here around then.

Christianity in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Posted by godaironin on August 5, 2012 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Are there actual undertones of Christianity within Evangelion? When this question comes up, most EVA otaku cite the long-ago interview with Assistant Director Tsurumaki, wherein he says the Christianity in EVA was done solely for aesthetic reasons. In a country where the official religions are both Buddhism and Shintoism, Christian motifs and symbolism had the effect of seeming exotic to the Japanese, especially when you start getting to the Book of Revelations and all of the end of the world stuff (and even coming from a believer, there is some weird stuff in there...)


It goes a little beyond cross-shaped explosions and Angels however. There are a few parts within EVA that go beyond aesthetics and introduce Christan-themed elements into the storyline and even the characters.


Spoiler warning if you haven't seen the show you probably want to wait to read this...


APOCALYPSE: The concept of a final apocalypse is foreign to the Japanese, but EVA centers the entire plot around it. There is a singular event that starts it, and then Earth's population is whittled away by disasters and wars until a unified government takes hold. Angels then come bearing down on humanity, but they're cryptic in nature, their actual motivations are not clear to us. Finally there is a final judgement and Earth is at first destroyed and then renewed.


There's more to it than that summary and Anno's interpretation of Revelations is definitely not the same as Tim LaHaye, but suffice to say the biblical apocalypse is very integrated into Evangelion's backstory and plot line.


SPIRITUAL NATURE: Japanese religious believe largely holds that flesh and spirit are one and the same, both die and are reborn together. In Christianity, there is a distinct separation of the spirit and the flesh. When your body dies your spirit goes on, to Heaven or to some other place. EVA takes that and adds the SciFi twist that souls can be held and then even re-planted into a new body.  This affects the EVA as well as characters like Rei and Yui.


SALVATION FROM SACRIFICE: This is another big principle from Christianity that pops again and again in EVA. There are several characters who sacrifice themselves to achieve salvation or redemption for others. This happens to Misato's father, Misato herself, Kaji, Kaowru, and most of all Rei.


SIN NATURE OF MANKIND. While the extent of this is debatable between Christian sects, nearly everyone agrees that man is fallen and in need of redemption. Every character in EVA save two (and I'll get to them in a sec) are portrayed as fallen.  Characterization is considered Evangelion's strongest points and its that the main characters are flawed (and that those flaws are so deeply displayed) that make them so understandable to us the viewers. We see ourselves in them, and we do that because we see how their flaws are also our flaws.


There are two exceptions to this: Rei and Kaworu. Both of them are born not of man but are artificially created, their very souls taken from Angels. As a result neither of them carry a sin nature. Both are portrayed as naive to human things, but also they don't bear the personality flaws you see in the other characters (Asuka's constant haranguing of Rei as "Miss Perfect" is partial recognition of this). Because of this both Rei and Kaworu can sense the "spiritual" world around them in a way that the humans cannot, as neither is fallen from Heaven. This experience is imperfect as they are still cast in human molds, but once freed from the body they achieve transcendence and become both Human and God as one, which is manifested in Rei's case as the "Giant of Light" (aka Giant Naked Rei) in End of Evangelion.


You can go deeper into both the series and the movies and pick up the parts that are related to Christianity within the dialogue or plot. Probably at some point I'll work on a more in-depth article about this, but suffice for now the Christianity within EVA is not just skin deep