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Blue Rose 2: Writer's Notes


I wrote the first version of the first Blue Rose story about five years ago at the behest of my daughter, who knew I could make up good stories and also knew that I was crazy about Evangelion. During the formulation stage I spent quite a bit of time reading other fan fiction and doing research on the “expanded universe” of EVA, particularly from the many games GAINAX has only released in Japan. After some time I came up with the basic story of Blue Rose, which at that time had a different title, and then set about learning how to write it.

It took me a few tries over a course of three years to go from a ten-page outline/script to a sixty-page rough story to a final work at what would eventually become over one hundred pages in length. All the while I found myself learning how to write properly, working on the basics such as having a good outline, as well as sharpening up grammar, word choices, and all of those things you take for granted as a reader. By the time I finished The Blue Rose it was double the size I had anticipated, had three titles changes, and had largely taken up a large chunk of my daily thought process for months on end.

Despite the strenuous effort (or perhaps because of it), I found that I very much enjoyed writing the story. Having originally worked on the first story as a “one-shot” I was so satisfied with the way it turned out and with the characters and situations that I created or adopted that I started working on a way to extend the story into a larger, epic piece.

The story that became known as Sacrifices of the Heart was started in 2008, and was originally a two-part story to cover the return of EVA-04 within the setting of End of Evangelion. Over the course of writing the story the plot changed dramatically, dropping the second part of the story and expanding on the first, and synthesizing the events of EOE with both the return of Unit 04 as well as other characters who were not in EOE (such as Toji and the other classmates). The story itself was finished by early 2010, working out to over two hundred pages in length but covering every base I wanted and ending up in the right spot. Again, I have to say I’m very satisfied with it, and can’t wait to get feedback from other readers before going onto the last story I have in mind.

Some common questions that come up from reading the stories include:

  1. Did Patrick Die in Part 1? As Dr. Foch says, EVA represents a new paradigm of human existence, and conventional definitions of life and death go right out the window. Patrick’s experience with the EVA-induced hallucinations are a result of being merged with it, in the same way Shinji was merged with Unit 01 in the original series.

  2. What did Lillith mean by saying Shinji “Chose by another way, at another time”? Some of this is going to be explained in Part 3, but the events in End of Evangelion have an effect on this story as well. There is a connection between the two that will be further explained in the third story.

  3. How did Mari get into the story? I started writing Mari in the story as soon as the trailer for Evangelion 2.0 came out. She didn’t even have a name yet, but I had already worked her into the Alliance storyline as well as the Osaka-2 segment. It was tricky putting her in as nothing was known about her until the movie came out (as I was writing the second draft of the story). Once it was revealed that she was a completely bad-ass pilot I re-worked her into the GeoFront battle and then came up with a backstory for her. The fact that she was a Brit also helped fill in the Alliance background considerably.

  4. How is it that NERV cooperates with the Alliance so quickly after the battle? If the JSSDF hadn’t of invaded, wouldn’t have the Alliance fought with NERV directly? It’s true that the Alliance was prepared to invade the GeoFront on its own if need be, and that included neutralizing the EVA pilots by kidnapping them (which was Kikuchi’s job). As it stood, “that which does not kill you is a heck of a lot better than that which does,” and NERVs survivors manage to work out an arrangement with the Alliance. I compare it a bit to when in early WWII the Allies invade French North Africa and US troops fought the French army for a week until everyone figured out how to join with each other and fight the Nazis instead.

  5. So, are Rei and Patrick an item at this point? No, but she’s at least open to more possibilities than she was willing to consider in the first story. Shinji is still her “other” at this point, however, and that’s exemplified by her breaking down in his arms after coming back down to earth.

  6. Why didn’t you write in Kaworu more into the story? Because it’s a distraction from the main plot and besides, I couldn’t do him justice. Better to just skip around it and keep the pacing intact instead of having this big sidebar for a few chapters. I’m not quite done with Kaworu, or whatever he becomes, and you’ll see more of him in Part 3.

  7. During EoE when Shinji encounters the “Giant Naked Rei” Third Impact happens. Why didn’t it happen this time? See question #2 above. The events of the story are already set into motion by some event that preceded it, but what actually happened doesn’t get explained until later on. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense in the end.

  8. Some scenes here are from the TV show, some are from the older films, and some are from the manga, plus you also have stuff from Rebuild. Which storyline are you following? I’m taking chunks out of as many aspects of the “EVAverse” as I can, including even the games (as Kikuchi’s character is based on one from the game Secret of Evangelion). I’m not really following a set “cannon” instead folding in whatever I think fits right.

  9. So what happens now? The stage is being set for a final battle for control of Earth itself, with both sides using EVAs as well as all of their considerable assets against each other. Now with the Alliance at the helm, NERV is about to get a makeover that will change its mission, and the pilots lives will become more complex than ever. Add to all of that the plight of teenagers who are in full bloom of their lives and you will get an epic drama with a very interesting resolution.

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